well this is weird coz before i turned kidstaff i could play arcade games then all of a sudden now when i went on there to play a cool game it sayed your usertype does not have access to play arcade games. why is it saying that is it because i am kidstaff??? please reply and help

That really happens to me too. I'm not a kidstaff member, and I'm only a standard member, and it also says that to me. Actually, it's because I have payments mistakenly used on my account info that I really don't have payments after if I got more spaces used on my account info so I can upload some more drawings.

so your saying that it is doing that coz of the space on my page?

after i became a kidstaff i started having a lot of trouble with stuff like that too...i wonder why? Unhappy

yeah thats what i am worrying about but seeing as you have been a kidstaff longer then me then are you now able to go and play on the arcade like normal again?

Originally posted by: mewmewpower

so your saying that it is doing that coz of the space on my page?

No, I mean like I'm not able to play arcade games because since I got more spaces, the admin mistakenly gave me payments so I don't get to play some arcade games again.

oh ok then but i think that this is happening with me on all the arcade games and not just a few 

idk why but the kidstaff aint allowed to play on the arcade

thats so unfair

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