hhmmm...i am so bored and have NO idea what to draw! any requests please???  a picture of whatever you want me to draw would be helpful. If it's anime i will probably hand draw it...its way to hard to use the mouse on anime stuff XP

anyways...i need requests PLEASE!!! i am soooo bored!

ok now because im a guy and im a geek over video games draw master chief!

hmmm...that will be pretty hard...but i'll give it a try Smile....i can't promise anything amazing though

Matt Tuck; I am about to post a pic of him on my page!!!!

srry...i'm no good at drawing realistic people...i can draw something else if u want though...sry again

can u draw barack obama that would be awsome

hhmmm ya probably...it would have to be a cartoon version of him...but ya i'll try

hi if its not to hard can u draw pain from naruto shippuden i now its geeky but i want to see if any one can do it i have a hard time drawing him can u plz try thx

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