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HOw TO DRAW A MANGA?? here are some tips!!

< ive been making my manga genre: sci-fi and physological if you want more tips,

plan first the characters, its profile, the plot, the purpose and all the extras.. you need also some materials to start with. basically the pencils and erasers, some notebook or paper!!!

how to write the story:

beginning: introduce the character <main> and the place.

problem: challenges and obstacles arrived on the main character's way!!

thinking on the problem: the character deals with the problem and he/she is thinking of a solution

solution: after some cli-max and events, the character has solved the problem!!

end: end of the story with possibble happy ever after, drama, the enemies are gone, or just your own idea!!!

some checklist:

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1. plot


3. setting

4.story outline and more

5. finished

just to inform you some of the types of manga

shoujo=4 girls

shounen=4 boys

sci-fi=something with science

mystery=solving mysteries



yuri=girls love

yaoi=boys love

mecha=mechanics, robots



mature= adult story

lolicon=sexually abusing to young girls

shotacon=sexxually abusing to young men

sports=something athletic


to know more : visit wikipedia, or manga sites such as or


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