i have no idea what to draw next! any suggestions???

i dont rly know anything about manga or anime but if you sent me a picture i could try....

thanks for the help Smile

Yeah.. same here. I haven't been drawing a lot lately now because I also can't think of what to draw for a week and nobody's giving me answers and not replying back to the blog I post. So.. I may have to request someone by posting comments on their profile page.

Well, anime is a Japanese cartoon that is originally published in Japan. One day they publish some anime in other countries (e.x. United States). Anime is obviously a popular style of cartoon, with high quality and techniques. But manga is obviously a Japanese comic created in Japan. Originally, people become manga-ka and they start to make manga before creating their own anime series. Technically, manga is grey scale so they might not want to make manga in 24 bit colors. Here's the example of an anime.

Anime has large eyes and sharp chin. However, not all anime has large eyes. Especially anime boys, but they have sharper chin than anime girls. Some anime female does not have large eyes, especially anime women.

There are chibi styles that has large eyes, big head, etc. and appearently, they have cuteness styles. Some people use the word 'kawaii' for cute in Japanese. Chibi means youthness in Japanese but though chibi anime are cute.

Anime styles may take some time to become a good anime drawer, because drawing anime could be quite hard; especially for beginners. But once if you practice drawing anime often, you'll become one of the professional anime artists and manga-kas.

Anyway, how about a piccy of my OC H!ki? Check out my page and my gallery so you could see what she obviously looks like~

thanks alot....that explains alot! Smile

anyways thanks for the request too....i'll work on it! (i can't say that it will be great but it gives me something new to try)hhmmm...i think i'll try to draw the chibi kind or whatever...

by the way love your page and your drawings

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