Ill do anything except horse-like animals, you dont even want to know how terrible I am at them,honestly its hideous, Im about to burst into tears just thinking about it So anyway Im new to this so...dont be too harsh!! 

Heyy, Can you do a tutorial of Jack Skellington please...I'm In Love with him Tongue haa x Thanx - Kipa xx

On the topic of jack skellington, it is way easy to draw jack. There isn't alot of shading or anything. Get yourself some colored pencils and treat is like a color bynumber....

Can you draw "Michael Jackson" I´m i LOVE with HIM<33333 please you are really good

Ok firstly who is jack skellington? Oh well Ill look him up and secondly  Micheal jackson coming up Again dont be too harsh

 can u draw some like emotions??? like one of those smiles and angel things??? thanks so much!!!

Yeah sure but could you be a little more specific? Like a smiley with angel wings and a halo or a smiley with angels floating around it?

can someone do an iceskater,sqidward (from spongebob squarepants),and an orangatange

make an iceskater, squidward and an orangatange



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