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I know every one basicly said whats best, but heres what helped me.

Go to a anime or manga you like, or cartoon, pause the video and try to draw what you see. Thats what helped me. If you dont like what you drew, DONT GIVE UP! If you do, you wont get anywhere. Keep on drawing stuff you see, and sooner or later, you got what i got. People said draw stick people, in my eyes thats compleatly useless. Drawing stick people will not help you get better.

I hope im of anyhelp. If you got questions feel free to msg me. Smile


I am practicing my drawring with a graphics tablet and Sketchbook. I'd like to be able to draw digitally, but I wonder if this is making things harder. Proper artists seem to love Sketchbook.

I suppose I should try practicing with a pencil too. At least that way I can practice anywhere at anytime.

Thanks everyone for your support Smile

I find it easyer to draw with the graphincs drawing tablet than with a sketchpad. but thats just me. what ever you feel more convertible with.

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