people ask me how much i took to finish a drawing,and i answer my whole life,it took a whole life of dedication,no artist is created,and no artist chooses his fate,an artist can not be destroyed he can only be born and live on forever in his drawings,paintings,sculpture,etc...the artist can not choose to stop being an artist, his heart will always have hunger to draw,to express, distinguishing him from all his friends.its like telling a nickle to become a penny.Impossible.An Artist is an artist since birth.

"100%of us have talent but 99% of us uses them foolishly,Enrique Guillen(eg2410109)i dont draw to be the best, i draw to improve a little each day.i have faith that one day i'll be a very good artist.a good artist is like a good talker,a person who see's the world with the slightest details,from the tiny specks in the salt water,from the bugs in the bark of a tree,up to the big mountains and clouds in the background,a good artist knows well physics and is a human who appreciates every small thing with its own unique value.a good artist knows when his artwork is truely finish and never stops learning."Enrique Guillen

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