i'm new here
are you love welcome for (glow candles)?
hi every one.. first i would say i'm so so happy because i found this forum it is great thanks for every one made it
so,i'm glow candles my art (drawing )is my life i will always draw a lot pics for any thing here and any one want any drawing i'm here for help.....
finally :hope we be friends here.... i'm sorry if i talk much

Welcome to DN! ^^

Hi! Welcome to drawingnow.com ^_^

Welocome to the insanaty we call Drawing Now! I hope you enjoy yor stay here with us and hope to see some drawings of yours reallllly soon. Smile

thanx so much for every one

and i will put my drawings .....hope you love it

Welcome, and happy new year!

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thanks for every one welcome for glow candles

i'm really happy with my great friends

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