Finally its here the annual art gallery contest,this is a contest made every year,in this contest from a vast group of friends /participants we will see who has the best gallery of that year,this year he/she who wins will be the best of 2009.

ok the way you enter is really easy all you need to do is say whats your profile name and youll be automaticly in the contest, so in december 20 (deadline) we will check all the art galleries and for new years a champion will be declared,so he will be declared in january 2,

remember all you need to do is give your profile name here and we'll check your drawings/gallery/page and i will also pick best drawing also of all the drawings of all the art gallerys,best will appear on the front page,so the contest has just started so put your name before space runs out,and i will also send a new set of drawings  in november 30,good luck to all participantssaiyanara!!


  1. contestants will be graded by there page quality(15 points),
  2. DIGITAL ART includes digital drawings or drawings/tutorials made in this website(digital art) ,and by DRAWINGS HAND MADE(drawings hand made)(30 points)

at the end we will get an average of all your drawings,tutorials and your page and that will be your final score,45 will be the perfect score

"The total sum of pics/tutorials need to be atleast 10 or else u will lose points for having to little(the reason is because its a gallery contest so the more the better)",also even if you lose the art gallery contest you can still win the best nominee picture award (dont have to send your drawings we'll check them in your page),the results of all the participants will be listed from lowest score to best score.and dont worry you dont have to give us your real name to sign up.

warning:if you have your profile in private and i cant enter it,ill send you an alert but if i still cant enter after jan 1 then you will have a automatic zero.plis check.

*limited to 50 participants* 0 entrie left!!

**ENTRIES ARE closed for now,GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO SIGNED UP.           **

Demi Holloway

it doesnt have to be your name,u just need to say u want to be in it,or give your profile name. 


Miguel Fierascu

profile name: chuplemua xDDE

i dont speak good englsih

I'd like to try. I've haven't participated in a contest for awhile.

Screen Name: DJ-MegaTron

Or my real name: Linsey

I KNOW I have what It takes!

Username: UnrealPie

My real name: Raymond

vanecute2 wants to participate in the contest :]

Screen name: fantasyhero646 Real name: Theris I wnna join a contest for da first time!

Emilyoro would quite like to participate, she would.

i want to be in it my profile name is jhv10

oooo ! oooo! me me !!!

I wanna be in the contest !!! me me !

name: vixenanime

my name's kiba_akamaru.

i would awesomely want to join the contest!


Oh yeah, I have joined

Oh, Of course I'd like to join

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