Okay, I forgot. Um.. When I go to Gallery, I see that some of the pictures are featured. Btw, what are featured pictures? And what are they're for? Does the staff chooses it to be like that or something? Cya! Tongue

I wish one of mine's featured. Ugh! I've must practice! Must.. PRACTICE!!

(I'm not really ranting)

Originally posted by: kristal_blue

I think its the pics that the staff think are really good, or that they just like, or that they just randomly choose idk


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argg i hope my pics can be featured too

Originally posted by: eg2410109

argg i hope my pics can be featured too

I actually don't mind if my pictures won't be featured. I seem to like to draw really often, though.
I think featured drawings are these drawings that staff_moderator likes.
To me being feature doesn't matter. I have fun drawing and becoming friends with people on drawingnow. Sure that doesn't mean I'll beexicted seeing one of my tutorials being featured it's an award given to you for making Drawingnow an amazing website.Happy
HEY YOU! Check out my page!
I;ve so many features drawings and tutorials!
I am really really really really friendly girl, i love u guyes so mush, i love to make friends and drawing! Smile
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