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I'm doing a freaking huge watercolor pencil coloring thing right now. I'm good with the pencils, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I could possibly use to get the colors to pop a little more.

I'm planning on using India Ink but I've never used it before so I need to experiment before I dive into this project with it.

This is my pride and joy, the best work I've ever done so any help to make it any better is greatly appreciated.


And just a little side note, my group Contests and Competitions is now open and waiting for submissions! ^^ Don't feel forced though. Thank you!!


A-Don't use water color pencils, they don't work as well as their brush applied bretheren.

B-Use black or dark contrasting colors to creat more of a "pop" (check some of my gallery stuff out you can see my use of contrasting colors and black in the tattoos I have posted there.

C-Black is a huge boon to color peices, use 100% black in the real dark shadowy parts and blend it out ot a 50% saturation just outside of the shadowy parts. From here blend your color into the black to create a smooth transition and you will get 2x the pop from the 100% saturated black being next to the color. (BEWARE THOUGH, TOO MUCH BLACK AND YOU CAN'T GO BACK) take it in baby steps.

d-Try making severl concept drawings first, I mean like 3-4 at least, until you get a perspective and an angle that appeal to you and will allow you to get the most out of your color pallet.

e-Remember that water colors are best appreciated from about 10 feet away, so don't stress too much on how clean the edges are. Take a few steps back everyonce in a while to see how it looks and then continue.

Sorry for my diatribe, just trying to share some of my hard self taught knowledgs. It sucks teaching yourself and sometimes I wish I could have had access to this kind of stuff when I was learning. I look forward to seeing, it finished. I attached a picture, take notice of the usage of the yellows to contrast the purple and the greens that contrast the red that is in the purple. THe over all effect creates a painting that really pops. PM me if you want some more examples, I am too lazy to upload them now. Just remember in all honesty most watercolor pencils kind of suck, I have seen some decent stuff with it. BUT the texturing you can get out of a brush is something that a pencil will never be able to do.(P.S. Sorry the pic is blurry I took the pic with a camera phone.lotus

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