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Lives in helena, Montana United States · Born on July 1, 1998

Your eyes, shimmer and shine like the rainbow.Your soul so mystical ,magical like a rainbow.Your personality so colorful, like a rainbow.Your purpose, so clear just like a rainbow.Your body,  it glows...
Topics: rainbow, love, poem

<dl class="codebox"><dd>Looksall up in here) died at 2 whitch was da math >;3Gender:-.- femaleRa...
Topics: fruf, Paris's, tale

knoladge as of now:Ruby: tom-girlEmeralda: girly girl very prettyDiamon.D: guy with goggles like generator rex,a girls best friend seems to get some girls.but has a crush on Aireaeti who doesnt seem t...
Topics: good, story, wip
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