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Lives in helena, Montana United States · Born on July 1, 1998
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July 1, 1998
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About Me
-I'm the kind of person who if you need some one to listen you can come to me if your looking to talk to someone about your problems though I would keep looking

-My favorite Pokemon is Leafeon(I love grass types) ,least favorite would have to be anything from the newer gens .Best (mane 6) Pony is Rarity, worst pony is Blue Blood.

-I have been on this website for almost 5 years

-I am openminded
-The Lion King

-Equestria Girls

-Brother Bear

-The Secret of NIMH

-Fox and the Hound


-Finding Nemo


-Legend of the Gaurdians

-Over The Hedge

-The Oddessy (I'm not sure how to spell it)

-Lady and the Tramp

-The Cat Returns

-The Princess and the Frog


-Rise of the Gaurdians
-Depeche Mode

~Suffer Well

~It's No Good


~People are People

~Walking in my Shoes

~Personal Jesus

~Enjoy the Silence


-Joshua Tyler(?)

~What Kind of Pokemon Are You

-Lindsey Stirling



~Only Time

-Carrie Underwood

~see you again
chris clouse
~walk away
~the wreck


~Ghost Opera


~Soul Society

~Wings Of Despair (etc)


~Friend or Foe

~Malchik Gay


~Not Gonna Get Us

~All About Us]


~Bad Apple


~Bumble Bee

~Are You Online

-Meg and DIa


-Marina and the diamonds

~Hermit The Frog

~Power & Control

-The Killers

~ Human

~Smile Like You Mean It

~Dancing In The Dark (Side Of The Moon) (Radio Version)

-alexander rybak

~Kiss and tell

-Petshop Boys

~ Love etc.

-Linkin Park



~files theme song

-Wierd Al

~Like a Surgeon

~White and Nerdy

~Party in the CIA


~Writer The Ghost




~These Dreams

-Savage Garden

~Truely Madly Deeply do

~I Want You

-Men Without Hats

~Safty Dance

-Jessica Andrews

~Who I am


~Eye of the Tiger

~Bleeding Heart

-Howard Jones

~Things Can Only Get Better

-Lady Gaga

~Poker Face


-The Beach Boys

-Ghosts/the paranormal


-Toilet humor (I'm immature)

-Greek Mythology

-Long coats

-The word doom(its fun to say)

-Montana and its wildlife

-Pokemon(cards game anime you name it)


-Fruits Basket

-Invader Zim

-Spongebob/almost anything on Nickalodeon


-Jerks (but seriously people who does)

-Most Anime (its kind of boring and hard to follow)

-Unova region (yuck)

-hannah montana (doesn't even deserve to get capitalized)

-Being ignored (I will go crazy)

-Claymation(looks terrible)

-Grammar Nazis(seriously mind your own business people!)

-Screamo(If I wanted to hear screaming I would become a serial killer but I'm not so I don't)

-babies (how can you manage to like them they are ugly, smelly annoying ,and gross)

-Therapists(they never heped anypony)

-honeyboo boo(shes just...ugh)
-Making Plushies...Sometimes




-Soap Smelling

-Poison apple books

-Mouse On a Motorcycle

-The Secret of NIMH

-Hank the Cowdog

-The Chronicles of Narnia(it was....ok)

-coloring books