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Ahoyy, I'm Caitlynn or Ike. I don't really care what you call me as long as it's not Lampchowder or Lampchode. Then I will not talk to you... Lol. I'm sort of an edgy girl. I experience with drugs and vodka. No, I don't do tobacco. Blahh. Ummm, I'm usually really nice. People say I'm like a dog because I LOVE PEOPLE. I'm Pansexual. I skate and I'm starting to bike. I love to sing, I'm a choir nerd. I like bands like
-Bad Religion
-System of a Down
-Green Day
-Rob Zombie
-Marilyn Manson
-My Chemical Romance
-All Time Low
-Sex Pistols
-The Ramones
-Good Charlotte
-Simple Plan
-Ghost Town
-Frank Iero
I have a dog *woof* ;o; My kik is KerplunkXD, I don't send nudes. Umm. Snapcat is InsomniacXD and please message me, I love people (:
Some facts about Ike:
Favorite movie: North Sea Texas. (It's in dutch but the subtitles help a lot. Not a ton of speaking so it's not too puzzeling)
Favorite music genre: Punk or punk rock.
Favorite movie genre: Horror or gay movies.
Favorite hobby: Skating or drawing.
Favorite Band: Green Day.
Favorite food: Mac and Cheese with hot dogs.
Favorite Song: Teach me tiger by April Stevens
Pets: I have two Cataulua lepord dogs
What kind of person are you: I'm more edgey and alternative, I'll always protect the ones I love
Zodiac: Pisces
Favorite back zodiac (Thir13en Ghosts): Torn prince
Favorite type of shoe: Vans or Converse hi tops
Eye color: Green
Dream drug: LSD lol I might play with some later
Favorite website: TUMBLR OMMGGG WANT MY URL IT'S omg-mass-hysteria.tumblr.com FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK xxxxx
What makes you.. you?: I have crazy hair, I always wear a bandanna. EIther in my hair, my butt pocket or my wrist. My theighs sometimes. Or I wear a band tee shirt or some smart as* one. (:
Crushes: I like this stoner that everyone thinks is gross... he's hot guys. and likes Nirvana. Like c'mon. .-.
Ex's? I have two actual ex boyfriends and two ex friends with benifits type of thing. One was a girl and one was a guy.
Some of your art work? I draw cartoons, and band poster/tee shirt type stuff. Only realistic art I do involves hot guys with mohawks.
Dream guy. or girl: My dream guy is either a indie rock guy or alternative. Side bangs and wears hats. Always there for me and there to offer me LSD and sheet. Umm my dream girl would be one who's shorter, crazy, skinny and has cool hair. Metal head or a rocker.
Friends: I really have no friends besides my stoner crush and my penny board niqqa Justin. I LOVE YOU MAN.
I wonder if anyone is reading this still.... lol if you are then wanna be my friend? lol. Umm, I've had 2-3 years of depression. I've been in 2 hospitals for my depression and bipolar and my impulsive disorder. I've almost been put in group homes. and I've tried suicde. I know this stuff and if you need anyone to tlak to I'm here. Don't end up like me. Don't end up swallowing pill bottle after pill bottle. Or getting ripped from Marijuana or wanting to do major drugs. Alcohol isn't worth it. When they say it they mean it. I've been xxxxd because I was drunk. I'm getting examaned on Monday and seeing if I am pregnant. I KNOW THIS AND PLEASE PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT ANYTHING THAT BOTHERS YOU. I'VE BEEN THROUGH ALMOST ANYTHING. WHETHER IT'S FRIENDS OR FAMILY. I HAVE NO FRIENDS THEY ALL LEFT ME I KNOW ABOUT IT. I KNOW FAMILY ISSUES, I WAS ABUSED AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TALK TO ME. DON'T END UP LIKE ME :c
I like horror movies, music documentries and love stories. I can stand watching historical movies like wars and the hollcaust I will cry..
North Sea Texas was pretty legit
-Green Day
-My Chemical Romance
-Frank Iero
-Bad Religion
-White Wives
-The Sex Pistols
-Rob Zombie
-Marilyn Manson
-Queen of the Damned
-Sweet Children
Punk rock things
I don't like a lot of things but I can't stand YOLO or SWAG
I usually draw, I sing but I'm not good haha. Ummm I do videos and I'm getting into music,
Fanfiction. All the way.