Welcome to Manga Artists Mania!! This is a group for all the awesome drawers of drawingnow.com. Thankyou for joining; if you haven't joined then please do. I'll be hosting contests of all kinds here. Please see the rules of this group, be nice, and have fun!
Also feel free to invite others if you can.

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Rules of the group

1) Please don't curse on the shoutbox or on the forums.
2) Don't bully other members please.
3) Don't isolate any members of the site please.
4) Please don't post any drawings that will insult others.
5) Please don't post any forums that will insult anyone else.
6) Enjoy yourself! (this rule is mandatory! lol)

Rules for contest

1) Enteries for contest must be YOURS.
2) Please follow the requirements for each contest. (each contest will be different)
3) Please don't copy anyone else's ideas please.
4) Please try to enter all enteries for contests on the deadline (But I'll extend the date of the deadline if you need me to so don't worry)
5) Have fun! (this rule is also mandatory!)
7) All enteries for contests must be NEW! That means, don't upload it if it's already in your gallery, but, when you submit your entry you can upload it to your gallery.

How do I evaluate the winner?

1) Use of color/ shading
2) Submitted what was asked for.
3) Neatness
4) Effort
5) Creativity
6) I judge fairly. I don't choose my favorites to be the winner. ^_^

Is it Possible to win more than once in a row?

Yes very possibly!! I won't not choose you to win just because you may have won the previous contest. So always do your best when drawing enteries! ^_^ The reason for this is I had an idea about prizes, but in order to get this prize you'd have to win contests in a row a specific number of times, but that was just an idea. This is also part of the reason why I'd be very grateful if you'd try to submit enteries on time so I won't have to postpone 1 contest and start another while the 1st one is running. I'm open for suggestions on prizes though. Message me if you ahve an idea.


If you joined the group and want to enter a contest with a deadline that's approaching soon, then just let me know you want to join (before the contest ends please) and I'll postpone the contest until you submit your entry. I won't et mad at all just tell me.