This is a group for the awesome online comic called MS paint adventures of the homesetuck trolls created by Andrew Hussie. I'm probably the only one on this website that actually knows what it is -_-' but that doesn't mean you can't join. are the trolls XD

Female Aradia Megido- Aries
Male Tavros Nitram- Taurus
Male Sollux Captor- Gemini
Male Karkat Vantas- Cancer
Female Nepeta Leijon- Leo
Female Kanaya Maryam- Virgo
Female Terezi Pryope- Libra
Female Vriska Serket- Scorpio
Male Equius Zahhak- Saggitarius
Male Gamzee Makara- Capricorn
Male Eridan Ampora- Aquarius
Female Feferi Peixes- Pisces


And if you guys could upload things for me that would be the best~<3
Drawingnow will not allow me to upload anymore pictures, drawings, and tutorials

P.S. I used me in homestuck style because I didn't have any other drawings P: