Don't be fooled by the "WTF?!" picture. This place is awesome. I'll do my best to translate character songs, manga panels etc, so you can make an English version of a song or whatever.

I will do Japanese to English, or English to Japanese. I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish, Chinese, German, Cauliflowerese, Hunk-o-potato-ish,etc.

But, if you know another language (or even Japanese) come join to help people understand whatever that's in a foreign language. yeah.... Google translate makes the song/manga lose its emotion so it doesn't work at all.

(sorry Google, its true!)

and if you are one of those who need translations, if you join this group, you get first priority!!!

and as background info, I translated "Hatafutte Parade" of Sweden's and Finland's. You can see them on shinyumbre's video's on youtube.