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Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It utilizes Yamaha's Vocaloid synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics. A piano roll type interface is used to input the melody and the lyrics can be entered on each note. The software can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice. Each Vocaloid is sold as "a singer in a box". The software is available in English and Japanese, although a Chinese version has now been produced for Sonika.

The software is intended for professional musicians as well as light computer music users and has so far sold on the idea that the only limits are the users' own skills. Japanese musical group Supercell (Sony Music Entertainment Japan) have featured Vocaloid as vocals in their songs, and record labels in Japan also have released compilation albums featuring Vocaloids.

Screenshot of the software interface for Vocaloid (English version)

The first Vocaloids, Leon and Lola, were released by the studio Zero-G on March 3, 2004, both of which were sold as a "Virtual Soul Vocalist". Leon and Lola made their first appearance at the NAMM Show on January 15, 2004. Leon and Lola were also demonstrated at the Zero-G Limited booth during Wired Nextfest and won the 2005 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award. Zero-G later released Miriam, with her voice provided by Miriam Stockley, in July 2004. Later that year, Crypton Future Media also released their first Vocaloid Meiko. Due to the success of placing a character on the box art of Meiko, the concept was carried over to her successor Kaito and later Vocaloids to encourage creativity, however neither Vocaloid's box art originally had the intention to represent that Vocaloid.[4][5] Though Leon, Lola, Miriam and Meiko experienced good sales, Kaito was the only one who initially failed commercially. After interest in Vocaloids grew, Zero-G began reselling their Vocaloid products again on their website, and were considering to update their box art to match current Vocaloid trends better.[6] As well as an update for Leon and Lola's box art, Meiko and Kaito are also reported to be in discussion for an update.

Original Vocaloid Characters (called OC Vocaloids alternatively) are fanmade vocaloids who do not have a declared base of derivation, and are independent characters. They are usually written for storytelling purposes, and may or may not interact with other official or fanmade vocaloids. Some of them may go on to become UTAUloids. Only a very few amount of OC Vocaloids sing, and majority of them do not sing at all. Many of these are found in DeviantArt, though there are Japanese-made OCs.
edit Rainbow Vocaloids

Rainbow Vocaloids are a design of the Vocaloids based on the colors of the rainbow. They were not designed for singing, but some users have decided to give them a life of their own. Here is a picture of all the Rainbow Vocaloids.
Tia (銀色 ティア Gin-iro Tia - Silver Tia) is the silver of the rainbow Vocaloids.She is very nice to every vocaloid she meets.
Leti (パールホワイト レティ Paaruhowaito Reti - Pearl White Retty) is the pearl white of the rainbow Vocaloids.She is as nice as Tia, the Silver vocaloid. She is also shy.
Neon (光イエロ ネオン Kouierou Neon - Luminous Yellow Neon) is the bright yellow of the rainbow Vocaloids.She is as nice as Tia and Leti, twins of the rainbow vocaloids
Miisha (オレンジ ミーシャ Orenji Miishya - Orange Misha) is the orange of the rainbow Vocaloids. She is very sweet and childish.
Monyako Ouroku (黄緑色黄緑もにゃ子 Ourokuiro Ouroku Monyako - Yellow-green Monyako) is the green of the rainbow Vocaloids. She VERY energetic.
Mirai (ピンク ミライ Pinku Mirai - Pink Mirai) is the pink of the rainbow Vocaloids. Her name means 'future'.
Ren (赤色 レン(やすし) Sekiiro Ren (Yasushi) - Red Ren (Yasushi)) is the red of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Kaname (すみれ色 カナメ Sumireiro Kaname - Violet Kaname) is the violet of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Matsuzaki (まつざきしげるいろ まつざき Matsuzakishigeruiro Matsuzaki - Pine Color Matsuzaki) is the lush pine of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Kirsche (ダ-クグリ-ン キルシェ Daakuguriin Kirushie - Dark Green Kirche) is the dark green of the rainbow Vocaloids. Her name means 'cherry' in German.
Liizu (ブラックライト リ-ズ Burakkuraito Riizu - Blacklight Lees/Rees) is the black light of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Katsuo (紺色 カツオ Koniro Katsuo - Blue Katsuo ) is the blue of the rainbow Vocaloids. His name is a type of fish.
Alpha (灰色 アルファ Haiiro Arufua - Gray Alpha ) is the gray of the rainbow Vocaloids.
Note (黒と紫 ノトKurotomurasaki Noto - Black and Purple Noto) is the purple of the rainbow Vocaloids.

File:Muneo.pngMuneo (黒色 ムネオ Kuroiro Muneo - Black Muneo) is the black of the rainbow Vocaloids.
edit Shooting Star Vocaloids

The Shooting Star vocaloids, originally known as the Hibiki vocaloids appeared on the internet by an artist named BoA AKA the penguin empress. The most famous Shooting Star vocaloid seems to be Aaron Hibiki due to his looks. Literally, their surname Hibiki means "echo" in Japanese. These vocaloids also have some bits of artworks on PIAPRO.

Aaron Hibiki (響アーロン Hibiki Arlon) is a fan-made vocaloid who is 17 years old, 165 cm in height and weighs 50 kg. The specialities with Aaron is that he can sing both opera (Tenor) music and pop music, and can sing in english. Aaron shares the same specialities with his younger siblings, Ash, Clara, Mila and Milan. He has a personality showing he is funny and kind, but tends to by shy sometimes. However, despite his reserved and gentle demeanor, he can be very agressive when he is in a situation with KAITO, due to the fact that they are rivals and enemies. His character item is a peanut-butter sandwich and a guitar based off Lyra Note's guitar. On the other hand, he has a crush on a female Vocaloid known as El Amane. Aaron's Black Rock Shooter style/costume is also notable.

Ash Hibiki (響アッシュ Hibiki Asshu) is Aaron's oldest younger sibling. He is 15 years old, 167 cm in height, and 55 kg in weight. Despite that Ash is younger, Aaron's voice is few octaves higher than Ash's which makes Ash's voice range go from Baritone to Bass. Ash is a perky kid and he is also funny like his older brother but often gets into trouble for sneaking around sometimes. Ash has a good relation with his younger sister Clara, and good friends with Neru Akita for being texting buddies. Overall, because of his friendly behavior, Ash is liked by many other vocaloids and friends with him. Ash's character item is a beef.

Clara Hibiki (響クララ Hibiki Kurara) is the oldest female sibling of Aaron's. She is 14 years old, 161 cm in height and has a weight of 49 kg. Clara's voice range goes from Mezzo-Soprano to Soprano. Clara is a kind and caring lady but can be very stubborn and ignorant at times when she is exhausted. Clara's best friend beside her brother Ash seems to be Haku Yowane because whenever Haku feels down, Clara brings her feelings up by acting goofy and saying words of comfort. Her character item is a chicken. Clara loves to bring home gifts to her friends whenever she travels outside.

Mila and Milan Hibiki (響ミラ&ミラン Hibiki Mira and Miran) is the youngest siblings who are fraternal twins. Mila and Milan are 13 and both weigh 50 kg. Their differences are that Mila can go two octaves higher than Milan as they are both sopranos, Mila, who is 160 cm is a centimeter taller than her younger twin Milan. Mila and Milan are so clever that they can annoy their older siblings by setting up traps, such as a egg throwing machine and sometimes leave banana peels on the floor. Mila's character item is a chocolate while her brother's character item is a vanilla. The character item shared by the twins is a war tank.
edit General videos Vocaloid Original Cast

These characters are designed Vocaloids , but the models do not rely on any existing official Vocaloids or fanmade . Many of these do not sing at all.
Tome Honne (本音 トロ Honne Tome) has long black hair, and a costume design similar to that of Sadako Yamamura's from the Ring. He wears a kimono. He carries the same surname as Dell, Yuu and Iu n , but his link to these characters is unknown.
Maria Dokushou (独唱MARIA Dokushou Maria) Is a 15- year-old, 160 cm tall and weighs 63 kg. He has hot pink hair and bright blue eyes. He dresses in a ninja - style and likes to sing alone (独唱).
Nami Umine (海 音 ナミ Umine Nami) Is 18 years old. His favorite food is oysters. His hair is blue, and tied Alto - Saotome ponytail . He wears a short black jacket over an indigo dress.
Currant Ohera(小腹 ヘル Ohera currant) spent her short black hair in two braids . He wears a red Chinese style shirt with red shorts and sneakers in China .
Momo Sakune (咲 音 モモ Sakune Momo) has short pink hair tied into two ponytails on each side, and she wears a black headband. Her skirt is fluffy and pink, and her white shirt has a pink ribbon. Her character item is a black cat with a red ribbon around the neck .
Momo Kokorone (心音 モモ Kokorone Momo) is based from the character's Magic Knight Rayearth. She has glasses, and keeps her wavy pink hair in two braids.

Muri Anone (亞乃 音 ムリ Anone Muri) is a pigtailed redhead who has a strong relationship with Akaito. Main article and details : Muri Anone

Gap Sakune (咲 音 ラコ Sakune Gap) is a Vocaloid with a strong personality. He is chipper and upbeat, but others feel he is distant and quiet.His overall image can be found here.
Aho Hatsune (初音 アホ Hatsune Aho) is the mascot for the AHO_Project . She appears to be originally based from Rin - her hair is a pink version of Rin 's, she wears a black bow, and she has the same sleeves and leggings as Rin. She is dressed in a black and white corset with a large, pink bow, and a black skirt that goes to the knees with a white lace trim. The skirt is divided in the middle and to reveal a white, Lace under skirt. This is how she looks like.

Milu Yumene (夢 音 ミル Yumene Miru) has long, red hair that extends down to his back. He wears a gray shirt with a black and red corset underneath, a pair of black trousers with one leg longer than the other, and metallic-gray boots. He has checkered fabric stitched to each hip on his trousers. He has quite a bit of a fan art on Piapro.
Sara Touto (燈音 サラ Touto Sara) Is a fanmade vocaloid with long, pink hair. She has bright red eyes and a red bow to match. Her outfit has a color scheme of purple, pink and red and design similar to that of Miku's outfit. Her character item is a Sakura dumpling . She is 18 and is 164 cm tall. Her specialty is holding long notes .
Sora Harune (春 音 ソラ Harune Sora) is Kaito's non-canon cousin , who grew up in Europe, but has since moved to Japan. She is 15 and is 154 cm tall. She can not sing, plays a lot of instruments;one of her favorite instrument is the flute .

Main article and details : Sora Harune

Kotori Ayane (綾 音 コトリ Ayane Kotori) has a long red hair braided into a ponytail and red eyes . She wears a Red Tartan plaid skirt with a black dashboard, plaid tie is the same color and the white school shirt with red trim . His sleeves are black and red trim , and his socks are white, black Mary - Jane style shoes. Currently, he is not sound. His creator is fir3h34rt deviantART . and this is a perfect view of her design.

Kotorai Ayane (綾 音 コト ライ Ayane Kotorai) is the younger brother of Kotori . He likes rock and punk songs. He similar to his sister, a white linen shirt with a red check school tie and black sleeves , long black pants that are plaid on the inside . His creator is fir3h34rt deviantART , and this is a perfect view of her design .

El Amane (天 音 エル Amane Eru) vocaloid is a woman who has a crush on Aaron Hibiki . Just like the Shooting Star Vocaloids , he can sing opera , as well . El likes to sing opera, gospel and pop music in slow tempo . His voice ranges from soprano as her voice is very high. His character is a product of wind hat . El arise cocolin.

Sion Amane (天 音 シオン Shion Amane) Is the older brother of El Amane . He can also sing as well as opera and pop music, like his younger sister. Unlike El , he is more mature and less naive. His character is a product parfait .

Kaze Tannarune (力 音 风 Tannarune Kaze) is 152 cm tall and weighs 47 kg . His color scheme is green and black cable seems to matter. His voice bank is corrupted, only that he sings in Heavy Metal or Screamo songs. Her speaking voice is quite soft on the other hand . Kaze complete picture of the material appears here. He has created Kiro(And DA)

Saine Ringo (再 音 りんご Ringo Saine) is a man vocaloid . 156cm tall and weighs 45kg . His voice was once a bank broke, but has again voiced his current owner . He hardly need to talk. His color scheme is yellow and milky yellow. He is a dependency towards the milk, what is the point of his character . BRS in the target version , her character is a machine gun. His creator has x - runs Deviantart. Click here to view all of his artwork.
Ayu Tsukimori (ツキモリ アユ Tsukimori Ayu) Vocaloid is a woman . Ayu measures 176cm and weighs 54kg . He once sang songs of every people, but a terrible accident , his voice bank was crushed. Wearing a facemask , he never speaks, but he enjoys listening to her MP3 player Sone . His color scheme is light blue and gray , but he has green eyes and waist - long dark hair . Ayu nature of the item is blueberries. His creator is Metalloids ( KitxY moved) on deviantART . Click here for full artwork.

Mitsuru Tsukimori (ツキモリミツル Tsukimori Mitsuru) is the younger sister of Ayu Tsukimori . She has different colored eyes (red) and different colors , but her origin tell you otherwise. Unlike her sister , Mitsuru 's voice bank is not crushed, broken , or something. His colors are red and white candy cane in his character . In some cases, he can be seen attacking others with a giant candy cane , and it is not known how he can make such a terrible thing. Like her sister , she has long brown hair , but it has two pigtails tied springs. Mitsuru can often be described as a school girl in school uniform . His creator is Metalloids ( KitxY moved) on deviantART .

Jiyuu Sasurasune (浪 音 ジユウ Sasurasune Jiyuu) is a wandering, guitar playing, folk singing vocaloid who prefers to travel freely. She is 168cm tall and weighs 45kg . Silver Sirius is her creator.

Nano Chu (楚 由 言 ナノ Chu Nano) is a twelve -year-old girl who has a very nappy and tired expression. Shee is often slow to respond . Nano is 120cm tall and weighs 25kg. This is how she looks.

Rito Sorane (空音 リト Sorane Rito) is a young , male vocaloid . He wears a green jacket, green shorts, and has blond hair. Rito has a pair of white wings sprouting out of his back. 96mame is his creator .

Kurami (仓 见 Kurami ) has black and red hair and butterfly-shaped headphones. She wears a jacket over a red shirt followed by black shorts and has a wrapped gauze over her right eye. Kurami is 154cm tall and 45kg. Her creator is NyuNyuPuppet deviantART

Tenshi Kamine (女神 音 天使 Kamine Tenshi) is 14 years old and has a caring personality. She has white hair and golden eyes. Tenshi is 156cm tall and weighs 45kg . Her color scheme is predominantly white, with hints of gold and pink. Her creator is AnimeHeroine deviantART .

Jay Ranaka (ラナカジェイ Ranaka Jay) is so laid back to the point that she can fall asleep standing up. She is also very sporadic and enjoys makeing people laugh by doing stupid things. Her creator has stated that she is "just walking contridiction herself" because while she is calm, Jay can also become very energetic. Her creator is Jaygirl95 on Deviantart.

Nuclearoid Pyro is a fanmade vocaloid created by xPyroChan deviantART. Pyro is consistently moody, psychotic and violent. She is 16-years-old , 160cm tall and her character item is TNT. This is her "boxart."

Vocaloid Ash is a fanmade vocaloid created by xPyroChan on deviantART. Ash is usually very. He is in love with Nuclearoid Pyro and was originally made to calm her frenzied anger. He is 15 years old, 175cm tall and his character item is a Playstation Joystick . He is yandere because he has a gentle yet tough disposition. In this way he looks.

Muffin Hitoshibara is an uncomfortable, perverted, vocaloid that has the tendency to harrass any male vocaloids. She seems to particularly enjoy annoying Luki Megurine. Her character items are bones, and her creator is Poison-Chan on DeviantART.

Riko Ookinane (大きな音 リコ Ookinane Riko) is an original vocaloid character created by Nilla on Deviantart.
Kyashii Rinne (リン音 キャシー Rinne Kyashii) is another vocaloid original character created by Nilla. Her personality is carefree ,clumsy and funny. Her character item is a lollipop and an umbrella .
Kamino Ne (声紙の Ne Kamino ) is 16, has short, black hair, and wears a kimono. Kamino is known for being extremely tall and strong. He does not have stage fright, which makes him a well favored vocaloid. Kamino can be viewed here.
Yami Tsubasane (翼音 ヤミ Tsubasane Yami) is an original vocaloid character created by Dyah Kairi He is an adoptive twin older brother of Kira Tsubasane. He is a calm, mature and polite boy. Yami's series number is DV-01. His character item is Jack O'Lantern. You can click here too see his artwork
Kira Tsubasane (翼音 キラ Tsubasane Kira) is an original vocaloid character created by Dyah Kairi

Unlike Yami, she is so cheerful and talkative. Her series number is DV-02. Her character item is Teru-Teru Bouzu. You can click here to see her artwork
Miu Nozomine (望音 ミウ Nozomine Miu) is an original vocaloid character created by MangAniMania a.k.a Dini on DeviantART. She is a shy girl who like to day dreaming, singing, and drawing. Her name is taken from cat's sound (mew).
Katou Nozomine (望音 カトウ Nozomine Katou) is an original vocaloid character created by MangAniMania a.k.a Dini on DeviantART. He is Miu Nozomine's older brother (he is 16 while Miu is 15). Unlike Miu, he is a cheerful boy. His name is taken from the word "cat".