Wonder Girls

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Wonder Girls - Nobody

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Five young girls signed and groomed by well-known producer, Park Jin Young for his talent agency, JYP Entertainment. They took Korea by storm with their retro hit, “Tell Me” in the latter part of 2007. Who are the Wonder Girls exactly?
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There are five members in Wonder Girls,
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Sun Ye (leader)
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Ye Eun
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YooBin (Rapper), Who was replaced for former member, HyunA
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Sun Mi
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So Hee(The youngest of the members)
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All were signed through auditions and Ye Eun was the last to be signed after being rejected initially. They then underwent training in JYP Entertainment under the tutelage of acclaimed singer/producer/CEO, Park Jin Young for five years. Rain who was in JYP Entertainment before he left also had a hand in their education. They finally made their official debut on Febuary 11th 2007, appearing on Mnet M! Countdown and performing, “Irony” a hip-hop track from their debut CD single, “The Wonder Begins“.
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Then a slew of disasters started to happen to the Wonder Girls. So Hee tore her knee ligament while filming for her movie on June 25th 2007, leaving the other four to promote without her. More woe was to follow as HyunA was withdrawn from the group by her parents, citing health concern. Wonder Girls was however back to a 5-member group with the addition of Yoo Bin in early September.
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The Wonder Girls made their comeback on KBS Music Bank on September 7th 2007, with “Tell Me“, a 80s track from their debut album, “The Wonder Years“.
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There was a scare on September 14th when the Wonder Girls including their manager and stylist were briefly hospitalised with concussion and other minor injuries following an early-morning traffic accident returning from a performance at Dong-Eui Institute of Technology in Pusan. The van in which they were travelling rear-ended a taxi, killing the driver of the taxi and injuring nine others. Their activities were temporarily halted before resuming in late September.
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Then BANG! It happened!
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It changed totally on October 5th 2007 when they appeared on KBS Music Bank again as they did a special stage with Big Bang performing first, “Tell Me” and then “Lies”.
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And the popularity of “Tell Me” just kept snowballing and it’s effect is still being felt to this day. Their unrelenting schedule of appearing on various programs, gayo shows to promote ”Tell Me“ had a telling effect as the infectious tune and easy dance steps were picked up by fans and non-fans. Numerous UCC videos of normal folks doing “Tell Me” dance started appearing on video steaming sites which further pushed up the popularity level. It was declared a national hit and Wonder Girls were called, “Korea’s Little Sisters” in the month of November. No one can resist having a go at doing the dance apparently.
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Then their fame skyrocketed with their comeback "So Hot"
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They later on released their new album... The Wonder Years Trilogy and their hit song "Nobody"
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Then they started getting known in Hollywood because of the song "Nobody". The well-Known Perez Hilton becoming a fan...
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Check out their songs from their new album!

Wonder Girls - I tried

Wonder Girls - Saying "I love you"

Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix)

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