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im *insert age here* years old im like around 5'7 (hehe i know im tall)i'm funny, smart, and nice(so i'm told) Lol thats all im gonna put cuz scary stalker people exist on the internet lolz
um i like horror,comedy,action sci-fi...well i actually like all kinds of movies except for pure romance movies..uh i get chills just thinking about those sappy movies..i mean i can handle romance movies that like a little bit of something else going on like fighting(kinda like mr and mrs smith ya know)...AVATAR :D
i LOVE rock heavy metal metal etc. instrumental music ^__^...i don't really like spanish,rap,or country music.but there're a few songs i like from those categories.hehe except for spanish god i cant stand the way those guys sing >.<

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You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily.
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Reading, writing, watching JERSEY SHORE, hanging with friends, and drawing of course.and AVATAR THE MOST EPIC MOVIE EVAH

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know it alls (aka smart asses)ppl who hate to laugh..sarcastic smart asses(they're the worse)scary ppl.0.o..person with a crappy attitude..players,gangsters,and thugs..wannabe players gangsters and thugs..ppl who think the world revolves around them..etc etc insanley hot days


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reading,being on my computer,playing video games,playing sports,having fun,DRAWING of course,finding out new things drawing drawing and more DRAWINGlol
i luv to read mangas..they're kool hehe..well i also luv to read fantasy books they're well i'll pretty much read anything so long as it is a good book..unless its a mystery book ok..ugh mystery books make my brain twitch..and they can be so boring sometimes like srsly wth