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About Me
...::+or at least what you need to know+::...

My name is Sugar.

I can also be called strifestreak or Envy-chan.

Seven Deadly Sins are the shit.

Greed's my favorite.

But Envy-chan is my name.

I is Agnostic.

Jehova people need to go die.

Uber Christians are also quite freaky.

I'm not 'religionist' they just scare me.

But according to them, god loves me. No matter WHAT.

So they probably don't mind me burning bibles.

They're just paper annyway. Nothing Special.

But seriously. Just joking.

I'm 14.

That's in Human years.

My favorite game is FFVII.

I haven't finished it.

I've only played the beggining.

Because Brenan's game is stupid.

And scratched up.

But I know everything about Cloud.

He's my favorite videogame character.

Why? Because he's blond.

Inside joke. Don't bother.

...Almost everything about him. I'm not the creators.

And guess what?

Neither. Are. You.

Ha. That's right....Bitch.

Favorite pairing?

Cloti. (CloudxTifa)


Because. Aeris is a whore.

And Cloud is not gay.

So CloudxSephy/Zack/Any other guy is just stupid.

I hate Aeris.

I hate her more than any real person I know.

Aside from my dad.

Even though she looks like a Lego in FFVII.

Legos Rock.

Unlike Aeris.

Tetsuya worked on FFVII.

He's my idol.

Along with my mom.

Because I'm unoriginal.

No, I'm not. I just love her.

In a non-lesbian way.

I like to do art.

My deviantart name is Elestial.

Celestial was taken.

So I took the 'C' off.

And poof. A brand new name.

Should be added to the dictionary.

My favorite types of music are rock and techno etc.

I'm a stupid poser who likes Pop-rock.

Yes. I admit it.

I know nothing of Classic rock.

Well...Very little.


Because, my mom is a violinist.

I know of OLD Mozart classical music.

Not. Rock.

I believe Jenovaism is a religion.

Although I think mother is a creepish demonic creature from hell.


She's not as creepy as those church people.