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me well i just like everything mostly,(i think.ill just name a few so lets sart with... foods, ramen noodels♥ cereal♥ monster♥ these r my fav's now for some others pizza wafflez♥ ice cream spegetti green beans steak♥ ribs♥ anything choclotte,milk soda juice v8 water.thats all i can name for now so now to sports,(im telling u everything in here cause i am going to put pitures there) so sports, volleyball softball baseball football hockey soccer basketball cross country ect.. not many but that all, now for hobbies, snowboarding♥ skateboarding♥ surfing,(im going to learn) biking being with friends♥ staying away from my family(not always)watching TV, being on the computer♥ facebook gaiaonline♥ kerpoof writting♥ MUSIC MUSIC♥♥ i realy love music i would die without it, my saying when words die music to continue...being alone♥♥ swimming movies, thats all i can think of at the moment, anime/manga , hetalia♥ bleach death note♥ blood+ inyasha♥ full metal achemeist♥going to anime con's♥ thats not a anime but there fun!!! naruto dragon ball♥ sonic godzilla(its a animation)♥anima, thats i think all, now for books,twilight♥ serises,harry potter,pengradon♥percy jackson serises,ect... i cant think of anymore books so ill go to life acomplishments, to be a nija that would be awesome♥ work in the airforce♥ be a astronomer♥♥ get a pilolets lisnces. travel arond the world write a book get married have kids(mabey)win the lottery♥be on a show star a show meet ALEX EVANS♥♥♥♥go sky diving♥ meet shawn white♥♥♥ go back to guitar lessons start a band♥ be president be in a movie dorect a movie start my own country♥ ride a durt bike DRIVE♥♥ make a anime♥♥ learn a different launguge go to college♥♥ work at nasa♥♥♥ fly a plane♥ get a pet of my own♥♥live with wolfs♥♥♥make the perfect ramen♥♥♥♥ buy a house through a huge party♥♥ meet everyone from jackass♥♥ meet tony hawk♥climb a moutain♥ live in the desert for a day get a job♥ switch bodys with my mom make lots of friends live on a different planet♥ that most of it, now to random stuff i like , power rangers nija turtles, power puff girls,(little kid things r fun) XD did i say music i love music and escape the fate music black veil brides music woe is me music music♥♥♥ cherry blossoms(sakuras) there so awesome oh and peach trees lol drwaing i cant belive that wasnt first i love drawing sooooo much!!!♥♥♥♥ emo thing really emo boys!!ALEX EVANS hes really hot!♥ and hearts as u can see XD♥ lazieness i a very lazy person.the colors black and green(really everthing gose with black.)i gess thats it for now so u know alittle more about me yay good for u bad for me, now for some pitures and videos below!☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○☺☻♥♦♣♠•♠
really i dont like much so ill just put some pictures up ok i hope so lolz here you go than!

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