On this tutorial, you will learn what a sports car is and at the same time you will know how to draw...
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How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 1
Step 1 - To start up, begin with a straight line in the middle of your paper, after draw another one below it slighttly going up on the left side. Join the right side with a straight line, and the left one with a diagonal...good!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 2
Step 2 - Now starting on the left make a diagonal for the back of the car, make it a bit straight on the top for the roof, and finish it with a diagonal going down and joining the main line...good!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 3
Step 3 - Let´s go for the tires, make 2 triple circles in both sides, being carrefull with the distance between them, and then trace diagonal lines in them...Great!!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 4
Step 4 - Sketch the bottom part of the car giving shape to your lines, specialy at the back and the front part of the car...Super!!!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 5
Step 5 - Do the same with curved lines for the top of the car...starting to look like a car to me!!!!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 6
Step 6 - For the window draw a a double square shape, slightly open on the right side...Good!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 7
Step 7 - Now the door just bellow the window with another square shape, but this time slightly open on the top, on the bottom of the door, draw a line starting from one wheel to the other one, and don´t forget the little line close to the left wheel....Perfect!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 8
Step 8 - Now trace your pencil lines with a black marker or a pen. You can also print this coloring page of a sports car here....It looks great congratulations!!!!
How to Draw a Sports Car - Step 9
Step 9 - For the coloring I used red, light and dark grey, you can also take a look on the coloring tecnique, on the final step video avobe...it was great having you around in drawing now. See you soon!!!
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