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LHi my name is Eve, and I am the Moderator here at That means I’m a staff member, and I'm here for you!

My mantra: Never EVER give up. I know it's hard, but you gotta keep on fighting or nothing has been worth it.

Goals: I want to be a digital artist and eventually work with computer animation. My dream is to open up a group home, only one that is a castle. An asylum for older kids in the foster system who have been through bad homes. I would also love to be a published author someday.

I want to save wildlife as well, because when I think of an ideal utopia it isn't all buildings and flying cars. I want to see waterfalls and wolves! Birds flying through the air rather than cars, and coyotes rather than housing divisions of cookie cutter homes.

Personality: I believe that everyone deserves a chance and I'm pretty open-minded. Respect me and I'll respect you. Be nice, I'll be nice back. I prefer being nice to people as I grew up with most people being not so nice to me; I know, sob, cry. :-P Whatever, you know? I think money only is as valuable as what you can do with it so I volunteer a lot and I'm never hesitant to spend what little I have when people need it.

In closing: I love helping people so if you're new or just want to talk you can count on me! Thank you for reading.


I guess the biggest issue on the site lately is the rules. What are they? First off, this is a site for all ages and abilities and with that said you should not swear, curse, or use explicit/sexual/dirty language on the site. It's far from impossible to conduct conversations without use of offensive language. So be smart. Easy.

Next, pictures. Can you post photos? Well, this is DRAWINGnow, so let's say just drawings and cg art, okay?

Can I use my photo as my user icon? Yes, but a headshot only okay? Kids under 13 are not allowed on many sites to post pictures, so let's just say headshots only to keep things safe. No matter what age. Try using a school photo or a year book photo, or you can be daring and use your student ID/passport/driver's license photo.

This site is supposed to be SAFE. On that note, if anyone asks for a picture or is attempting to get personal information from you then you can report them to any staff member.

With that, it is not a good idea/you're not allowed to put up nude drawings/cged works- artistic or not. You'll just make people mad. I understand many art books have you practice by drawing nude models, as do art classes, but some people cannot tell the difference between art and p**n so let's just not post nudes, okay?

Good. Easy rules. Now comes one a lot of people don't understand. Thievery. This is NOT photobucket. To be blunt let me say that unless you drew the picture yourself, you are not permitted to upload it here.

To sum it all up:

1. Keep the site friendly and appropriate for all ages.

2. Photos should be of faces only, appropriate, and you cannot ask people for them because we don't know who is lying about their age.

3. No nudity.

4. No theft.

Everyone good?
The Avengers, Mulan, Tangled... I like so many but I can never think of them when asked. lol.
I like classical music mixed with heavy metal/rock.

For KidStaff info, see the link above.
Basically, I think we have to stand on our own two feet and have the strength not to look for excuses. It get's tough, yeah and sometimes tough doesn't even begin to describe it... but don't disgrace those who fight for their lives by cutting yourself as a fashion statement.

Anyway, that's just where I stand on the matter.
I draw, I write, I go rock climbing, I enjoy fencing, and a crochet now.
My favorite books change all the time! Don't ever stop reading and always test yourself. A few favorites that stick with me are The Rule of Four, the Book of Atrus, and Interview With a Vampire.