Death is bitter sweet


Death kills,
It's the balence of things
But when death seems
To want someone you love
You can't stop it
When they stop breathing
When their heart stops
When they feel cold
To your touch
You cry in the inside
And on the outside
You die inside
You blame yourself

Your life seems empty
And bleak
And the pain never stops
Your tears never dry up
Nothing makes you happy
And you can't stop
Hating yourself
And thinking of the one you love

When Death strikes
It hurt more than one
It leaves in it's wake
Death, dispare, hate, loss,
And pain
Death is bitter sweet
You wish the pain to stop
But it won't
It's hard to stop
And to move on

Your lover's face and smile
Still haunts your dreams
And your heart
Your heart shatters and breaks
And you lose sight of everything
Death is bitter sweet
When you lose your loved one
Or your lover

But death can't be stopped
Oh death is bitter sweet
And at the end it
Leaves a bitter taste
And a shatter heart
In it's wake
Yes Death is bitter sweet
In many ways
In our lives

Death is bitter sweet

And we want to forget it

But can't

Your fresh wounds open back up
To relive the pain
The battered loss
The cold skin
The loss of warmth
And the painful
You held dear
Everything you promised
Is gone and lost
You shiver in the dark
Never to see the light
Yes death hurts
But everyone is effected by it
You're not the only one
To feel the grim reaper's
Wrath and devastation.
Yes death is bitter sweet
But hold on to your love
For the last moments
to be good ones
Filled with love and passion
Don't let them be
Bitter sweet.
Don't let them be bitter sweet
like Death that looms over your lives

Ohhhh... Death is bitter sweet.
The call is strong,
But let your love be stronger.
Oh yes death is bitter sweet,
When your love fades...
Into nothing....

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  • December 29, 2008
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