Back in 1985 while living in South Gate California with my mom and seven months pregnant. I was home alone watching TV.

I fely very uneasy and as I turned around to see what was behind me. Standing in the door way to the other rooms of the house, there was a man standing there, just looking at me. My first instinct was to get out of the house. I grabed the phone that had a hundred foot cord on it and ran out.

I called 911 and told them what I saw and that my mother was at a local night club. The 911 operator said she would notify my mother and to stay on the line. She asked If I could still see the man. As I looked into the house from the sidewalk, I could still see him standing there focused on me. I told the operator, and she said ” what is he doing” my response was, just standing there.

I began to notice, as my anxiety began to diminish, that he was transparent and that he was not completely standing on the floor. He began to turn towards the rooms and went into the room I was sleeping in. As I waited for the police to come I stayed on the phone with the operator.

Finally the police arrived with the dogs. Shortly after that my mom and her friend pulled up. The police asked if there were any other person in the house or animals. My response was NO. As the police released the dog, i was talking to my mother and told her that the man was floating and that I could see through him, she told me not to repeat that and wait for the police to leave.

As the dog entered the house he ran staight to my room and began barking, with there guns drawn the police entered the house. They found nothing. One officer said he must have went out of the window. I could have believed that, except that the old fashioned windows had nails in them to keep them going all the way up and they were still intact.

The police left and as hesitant as I was I went back into the house with my mom and her friend. I began to tell her in detail what I saw and with out thinking about the past. She remined me of her third husband who had owened the home and died of Cancer while living there sure enough it was him he had a beard.

Months later and minor things happening I eased back into everyday life with my new baby. One day my mom was cleaning out the closet that she avoided since Bob’s death and she found a oije board. She tossed it in the trash, thinking that was the cause of activity. To this day the experiences are few but never the less still actice. We no longer live in that house. But the memories of that house live in us. So don’t assume you are alone.

Written by Tracy Davis, Copyright 2008

Topics: ghost, story, assume, alone, scary
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