Haha, today was a very emotional day for me.
I started off "Okay" and then the day went downward and I ended up crying at least 5 times.
It started when my Grandma started accusing me of putting words in her mouth and shit after we got in an argument.
I told that I wasn't putting words in her mouth, and that I was simply saying something. I never intended it to seem like I was putting words in her mouth.
She always says that to both me and my sister whenever we try to voice our opinion and our perspective on anything that involves her and the things she said in that situation. She says we have it all wrong and we're "Putting words in her mouth". I find that really annoying and walked out of the kitchen with a "God, why do you have to be so annoying.."
I know, I'm a typical teenager, shut up. But, I mumbled it so she didn't hear me, cause I never actually say that stuff to her face.
I don't talk back half as much as my sister does.
Anyway,I heard her comment as I was about to enter my room saying "You're so angry all the time anymore, I don't even want to talk to you."
This was VERY hypocritical thing to say coming from my Grandma. She is angry DAILY and takes her frustrations out on us all the time.
Whenever my sister confronts her on this issue she blows it off and shouts "NO I'M NOT!" So, again this was hypocritical.
I went back to my room all pissed off saying how much of a b*** she is, But I don't mean it. I was mad.
I calmed down somewhat, But i was still in a pissy mood. My grandma came in offering me to come with to drop off my sister at her friends house. I just said yes. Whatever.
However, she told me to change pants, cause I was wearing baggy pajama pants. I just looked at her thinking "Who the hell do I have to impress?" She then proceeded in telling me I look like a "Hobo" Wow, thanks.
My sister just commented saying "She likes to look like a hobo." That b***. I was pissed off even MORE after that.
I got on some regular pants and waited till they were done and ready to go.
My grandma said "You need to get some friends." and I just looked at her replying with a "I have friends, I just don't want to hang with them. GET OVER IT!" I literally yelled that at her. She was making me feel like shit.
We got in the car, and I just sat there quiet, and grumpy as hell.
Some weird commercial about saving money on groceries came up and they were saying a number repeatedly and yeah you know that process. She wanted me to write the number down quickly, and I just started at her. I wasn't even listening.
I told I wasn't listening cause I really don't care. She got all bitchy and said "I'm getting sick and tired of you saying you don't care." and I just told her to leave me alone.
I started to tear up. Not "Crying" tears, "Angry" tears cause she was making me mad.
She looked back at me minutes later and shouted at me, SHOUTED AT ME "Why are you crying now?!" and I just told her "LEAVE ME ALONE, FOR GODS SAKE!" and she told me she is gonna sign me up for a psychologist. Basically saying I need help.
I cried for the rest of the ride. Which, might I add was a 2 hour ride. We couldn't find the house haha.
I cry silently thankfully, I don't shout like some people.
Seriously though, I thought I'd never stop crying I felt so depressed. Eventually I did, and for that I am grateful.
I hate crying and feeling down in the dumps :L
I feel better now though..Worst day ever.
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