coma estas(how's it going?),

   Well, I got rly bored so I started this newz production. Our daily forecast today is very hot hot for this summer and a lot of storms. Since now is hurrican season and us southern amercans r suffering, south and north dakota r having tornado trouble. While Florida have short thunder storms that fliker our lights. Now some celebs. newz. I just recently read that Katie Perry had an accident in a dance routine in Canada and had 17 stiches to her leg, poor thing. Next the movie section, hello my fellow twilighterz our next big hit Eclipse coming this June 30 and soon we waiting for the starting of Breaking Dawn but we got to let our cast to relax. Lastly our artz and craftz, each day or blog I'll anounce some artistz i know and ask them some questions.

 "Kitty77 and kristal_blue"

Hey guyz, you've been featured today's blog. I may hve some questionz but no need to hesitate. Kitty77, i know u hve paint tool sai for the line art but for photoshop, wat tool will u recomend for outlines? Also, we all hve troubles for coloring hair and eyes for our oc's, could u try at least give us some steps for ur next blog? And this is something out of the ordinary but (no hard feelings) I just wonder why ppl try to be...U? im one of those ppl trying to be just like u and making our heads explode when our artz arnt perfect like urs, idk some weird question.

Ok kristal_blue, ur next. Wat caused u to do song artz, r u trying to explain the story withen the art and song? Also, how do u color ur hair for ur characterz, i luv the highlights streak across thier hair.

And to let u know guyz, we will always awe at ur artz, keep drawing guyz!! XD

A quick question from me to u, will u plz comment at the end of this local newz and recomendationz? the realz question is that im rly bored at home and no one did anything for me or commented any blogs or pics recently and some ppl r getting confused from my troubled blog i had. Basiclly, everyon and every single friend user i hve in (exept for kitty77 and weloveanime98) didn't comment or supported me. So now, in my brain that i might half quit of drawing anthros or furries and all of that fantasy art. I only came to this website cuz this site will help me to show off my artz but now, im negleted. So, im going to be those artist who only draw potriats for now on. If u always wanted a request of a celeb. drawing, so far im the one to help, just recently i drew selena gomez, taylor lautner, and bella swan(kristen stewart). One ting, no adult rated pics, im mean yet im turning a teen this december means im willing to draw rated adult art? and don't get picky and lastly, not all of my drawings r accuret, which means im in still in progress of drawing their teeth and mouthes and just to let u knw, i don't take art classes until i get to junior high school this year kk?

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  • June 23, 2010
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