If you knew me in real life, you would have never thought I would right something like this. 

give me an Idea for a title for this poem

If I were to hug you and kiss you on your cheek,

Would you embrace me back and fall on me weak?

If I were to send you a dozen roses through the air,

Will you smile back and play with my hair?

If I were to turn my back on you,

Only to avoid from hurting you,

Would you plan an attack?

Will you welcome me back?

If I were to fall from a peak,

So high that nobody can even reach,

Would you wait down below,

Or will you try to join me?

Which ever the choice you take

It is only for one sake,


Boy was that cheesy! I drank too much coffee.

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Quote:Originally posted by: Violin23I think that was pretty good! And very beautiful too oh thank you...i was just bored. hehe.
  • June 11, 2011
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