I swear. There should be a question on the sign up form for this site that says,

"What are you going to do at this site?"

  • Add as many people as I can
  • Argue on livechat
  • Spam everyone's blogs with advertisements of my latest products

But sadly there isn't. ANYWAY, I came here about Pokemon. I was going through a webpage post about stuff in Pokemon you never really notice as a kid (or maybe you do), and the post had some funny comics to go with the points. One of my faves was this one, which had to do with a point about how some awesome Pokemon CAN'T fly, while Pokemon that you can't even imagine riding on CAN (last panel's my fave):


There's more at this site:

Topics: pokemon, comic
Quote:Originally posted by: sweetpuppydog44Bahahaha! That is amazing XD I laughed so hard at this.XD I can't stop laughing even now!
  • June 28, 2011
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