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.gif" width=94 height=29 border=0></a> My real name is Dana and i have very long hair no brothers no sisters which means i`m spoiled rotten which is nice i like to wear tshirts with fruits with eyes i am 3/4 scottish and 1/4 irish i am elliebobs1/ellie`s best friend.

my favourite movies are the croods,how to train your dragon,A series of unfortunite events,meet the robinsons,the lorax,help im a fish,and these pokemon movies, mewtwo strikes back which i havent actually wtched it but it looks great! arceus and the jewel of life garitiana and the sky warrior and the darkrie one i forgot the name and kyrem and the sacred swords men.
va va voom, titaneam, Rock DJ, Starships, moves like jagger and uside down and my favourite song a million voices which is that aye aye aye aye ah ah ah ah song weird.

<a href="">75746v3114te48a.gif</a> <style>
body { <a href="">1389655rhtnwhwtel.gif</a> pokemon ampharos espesioly, dragons, mlp, milkshakes, armidillos, geckos, yellow phones, yellow cars, dinosaurs, owls, the colour lime.

i lik<a href=""><img src="" width=94e
<a href="">1108108k5emqazd0i.gif</a> over confident people, bullies, jellyfish, my next door neighbors,indian food,technicly every food, men dressed up as wemen its just wrong and they go in the girls toilet yuck! fizzy drinks, grey cars.
<style type="text/css">body, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;}</style><a href="" target="_blank" title="Ampharos - Pokemon">Ampharos - Pokemon</a> my hobbies are swimming oh dear i do a freakin amount of it, piano, karatae twice a week, gymnastics which im not very good at =(
captain underpance attack of weggie woman, diary of a wimpy kid, why the whales came, how to speak dragonease,magic kitton, kasper prince of cats, born to run, dandy, beano but my favourit book is A series of unfortunate events my persinal favourite the reptile room which has been turnd into a 5 star movie.