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After two good plane rides we finally arrived in Chiang Mai at 11:30am. We left the airport and were driving on the main road when I looked out the window and saw that the pathways and roads was full of people celebrating the water festival. Over the years, this festival has developed into a giant water fight! Bucket after bucket of water was thrown at the bus. The people were very friendly though. They would smile and wave at us as we were driving. So we got to the Prem after an hours drive, chose cabins, had lunch, I was dehydrated and didn’t go to the Thai culture lesson, I then joined in on the second activity where we had to build huts. We tested if they were waterproof by pouring water on them. All we had were two sticks because it fell apart so we got drenched! We then had dinner and went to bed!<o:p></o:p>
Topics: Day, 2:, Monday, , A, very, long, day
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