Just You Is All I Need


You make my mind buzz
You make me think differently
I'm sent into chaos
I can't think straight
Your sly smirks
And acts
Seem to confuse me

Everytime I see you
I want to either kill you
Or love you.
Just You
Is all I need
Just for a moment
Am I out of my mind?
You're dark and
I'm no Angel myself
Just you is all I need

You can't say it
And I can't either
Maybe we should?
Or should we just stay apart?
I want just you
But do you feel the same?
Your eyes
Entrace me
Lull me
And make me love you
Just you is all I need
Maybe for a little while...

You're eyes do more than you think
You're touch is sweet
Your lips soft
And every stride is like
You walk on water
Maybe i'm sick
Or maybe i'm in love
But I have a question for you
Are you?

Just you
Is enough for me to forget my past
To rethink my life
To think of something new
With you
But do you
Can you?

Can you open up
Or throw me away?
Before you decide
Let me say one thing
I love you to death
And I know even our familes
can't change that

Do you still doubt me
Will you say
You love me
Because I will tell you I do
Just you is all I need to realize i'm not alone
But if I am don't leave me
To die in the dark
Or in the cold
When your warmth is
All I need in life

Your touch
Drives me crazy
Your smile
Sends me in to hevan
And you kisses
Make me realize
*I love you*

Don't think me crazy
Just because I love you
And I want you
Just remeber it takes two
hearts to love
Not one


So if you're going to say it
Say it to me please
Show me you care
Not that you don't
Life goes on and I want you.
Just you is all I need
Forever in my life
If I have a say

No one can kill you
But they can hurt me
Don't be that one
To leave a wound in me
Just be the one I love
Not the one I let go
Let me help you or you help me
Let us finally think about life
In a new view
Not through a closed window

Please tell me you love me
And no one else
Tell me i'm your lover
And i'll tell you
*I love you*
Just you is all I need
and I want you
To feel the same....
About me

So can you love?

Or is it you're too proud 


I hope not

Because it'll strain me and you
But I want you to know one thing
I 'd love you no matter what
Be you a Demon
Or a rogue
Even a murderer
Because i've been there
And it doesn't matter to me
I just want you
And i'll die happy like that
Just say those three words
*I love you*
And I'll love you all the same....

Being cold isn't the answer
Being loved is
Being alone
Having some one who loves you
Makes you feel better
Just you is all I need to say....
*I love you*

gud peom! [[Thumbz up!]] :D
  • December 29, 2008
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That was really good! It almost brought me to tears!
  • January 2, 2009
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