Chapter 2

When Flo woke up in the morning she would do the same routine. Work in the garden, do her chores, go to her lessons, and go home for a little free time. During her free time she went through the eraser recipe again. She ran out to find a smooth rock and some waxing paper. "What are you doing Flo?" Marg asked. "Just a little experiment." Flo said as she was holding a rock, a cup of water, and a pint of baking soda in her hand. "Just don't make a mess." Marg replied. "By the way do we have any paint or waxing paper?" Flo asked. "No, but you can ask the boss she likes to paint and then you can go to the market and ask them for some, surely they won't deny a sweet little girl like you." Marg smiled. "Ok, be back in a few"

           Hmmm, the boss...she thought. Mrs. Yuri must be a very nice person to paint a lot. When she got to her office she knocked. "Come in!" Mrs. Yuri said. "Hello? I was wondering if you could spare a little paint." Flo said coming in. "Oh sure, what color?" Mrs. Yuri said swishing her black hair back in a ponytail. "Um..any color would do but can I have orange?" "Sure but that's my favorite color so that's gonna cost you. I'll let have 2 colors if you let me paint you." Mrs, Yuri said. "Paint me? Why me?" "Well you have pretty eyes and your one of the orphans right? So it's the least I can do being a 26 year old painter and owner of an orphange" Mrs. Yuri smiled. "Ok what day?" Flo asked. "How about tommorrow?" "Sure" And Flo carried orange and purple paints with her to the market.

         When she got to the market she asked one of the cashiers in she could have a little bit of waxing paper. "It big?" the cashier said. "Is a small sheet of 4 x 4 fine?" Flo asked. "Sure, kinda big for a freebie so I would have to charge you 5 cents." the cashier said. " about a spoonful of purple paint?" Flo said looking at her jar of paint. "That'll do" the cashier said taking a spoon and letting Flo scoop the paint out. "Here's your waxing paper, but remember bring money next time little girl." "Thank you" Flo replied and left carrying the last items she needed to make her very own eraser.

Not as good as chapter you think so?

*Chapter 3 out soon



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