Last night i had a dream on the day of 6/11/2014
i was on a feildtrip for science, we had the science fair there also
radiation fell and fossil started to grow earlier that year, we being humans thought nothing of it and
continued our dayly lives. the dinosaurs soon walked the earth, i was seperated from my friends, for
some reason i went to christians house, running through the undergrowth, we ran inside
as i was running i heard a voice call out to me, read your scriptures, thus the house shall burn
that was when my eyes awoken! i grabbed the scriptures in christians house
and plead with everyone to read, we did and the house did not burn like the others around the block
it was likely a few years, the trees and plants had taken over a little, dinosaurs romed outside
christian was being an idiot, he went outside only to find my sister rivkah, they talked and she didnt know
him very well, i came out and got her to come inside, while being chased by a t-rex
i woke up that morning and then i realized, god could do anything! destroy us, help us, and help guide us
i got up and took out the dogs for my sister, then i fed the dogs, adding bacon bits to there food, then
i listened to the scriptures on youtube, i wish this feeling would stay forever, this feeling i wish to share with everyone
many people dont share my latter day saint religion but many religions beleive in god, i encourage you to
read the scriptures and go to church, my eyes are open at last, but it seems all my spirital dreams have dinosaurs?

this may make all of you hate me and ask questions, but this i know, i may not be able to answer all of them, thi was a dream and the meaning may not be what i said for all i know, but i beleive and thats all that matters to me...
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