Give It Your All to Become a Professional Artist In 2015
It takes a lot more to become a professional artist than to become an ordinary artist who paints to douse his passion for the art. In order to develop into a professional and qualified artist, you will require talent, effort, discipline and willingness to sacrifice. All of this doesn’t come easy; becoming a pro is a step by step procedure.
If you wish to make it big in the arts industry this year, follow the steps stated below to make your journey easier:
1. Learn the Basics
To become a professional at something, one must learn from scratch. Additionally, in order to become a successful artist, you must strive to acquire the basic level education or guidance. At DrawingNow, we help people to develop artistic skills and master the art of sketching. Without spending anything, we provide all aspiring artists with relevant tips, videos and tutorials to guide them.
2. Create a Portfolio
Portfolio refers to a compilation of your artwork that has been the best till date. Your portfolio is the visual evidence of your excellent artwork through which potential employers can get a fair idea of your expertise and scope. The portfolio can comprise of the work that you have done as an individual or for a past employer.
3. Gain Work Experience
If you wish to obtain the best opportunities to work as a professional artist, spend ample amount of time to work as a freelancer, independent contractor or an employee. Your possible clients and job opportunities include software and print material publishers, video and motion pictures companies, and advertising and design agencies. According to the statistics provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment ratio of artists is expected to grow by 12% from 2008 to 2018.
4. Stay Abreast
Staying abreast of the latest happenings of the industry is an essential part of surviving successfully. Try to keep up with the trends, tools and initiatives that are indispensable for your day-to-day activities. Doing so allows aspiring artists to find new clients and opportunities, as well as develop newer skills.

At DrawingNow, you can look ahead to learn the best and the latest artistic skills about how to draw a chibi, how to draw a wolf or almost anything that sparks your imagination.
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