The Artist Sees What Others Only Catch A Glimpse Of.
-Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of those names that don’t need any introduction. This multifaceted human being was a renowned Italian painter, polymath, sculptor, architect, musician, inventor, anatomist, botanist, writer and a lot more. He is widely considered as one of the greatest painters of all times, and is remembered for his diverse personality and who mastered all forms of art and science.
He inspired several artists, painters and sketchers to look up to him and desire to be like him. His prophecy over art and architecture is incomparable and the modern world hasn’t seen a painter and a personality like him. The best way to develop artistic skills in order to become an adept artist is to learn from the master, Leonardo Da Vinci. Stated below are some tips and guidance that we can acquire from his art and paintings:
Tip#1 – Draw Moving Objects
Back in the days when Leonardo Da Vinci painted life-like creatures, there were no cameras or internet from where he could Google images and draw. He drew from nature and life. Taking his ‘drawing from life’ a step ahead, Da Vinci drew water, storms, flying birds, running horses, angry portraits and gangs of laughing men. He observed and then drew. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he turned himself into a living and thinking camera. He created, critiqued and reproduced subjects until he reached perfection.
Da Vinci instructed his followers and aspiring artists to keep a sharp observation on moving subjects in the streets, countryside or anywhere. Once you observe them, go back home and see your sketches and work on improving them, making them look better.
Tip#2 – Game-ify Your Art
In order improve ourselves at almost anything we have mobile applications and other web applications to do so. Games are a unique way of enjoying while polishing one’s skill at something. As many people claim, there might actually be some truth to the belief that Da Vinci was actually 500 years ahead of his time.
Leonardo Da Vinci once said that if people find relaxation in games as he did, they should turn them into practicing something that is of use in their profession. Measure the length and width of objects through your eyes with great precision; if you are able to do so, than you have the eye of an artist. Da Vinci emphasized artists to stretch their visual skills even when not drawing. This miraculous drawing exercise is a great way of practically implementing Leonardo Da Vinci’s tips and approach to art.
There wouldn’t be a better person who has command over how to draw a face as precisely as Leonardo Da Vinci. If you wish to learn how to draw a butterfly, how to draw a manga or how to draw people, then learn it from DrawingNow where the tips and guidance will help you discover the real artist in you! Visit and learn how to draw anime!
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