Call of Duty : Modern Warefare 2

Everyone knows Call of Duty is a Popular First-Person Shooter game. Sure we got Halo and Gears of War and they all talk about a war there in. But Call of Duty was "THE BEST OF THEM ALL". Once you've started the Campiagn you never wanna stop till you have beaten it. I don't wanna spoil it but you've also got a new Xbox Live compatible mode called Special-Ops. In this mode you can fight in a series of Challanges earning a total of 69 . You earn these stars to achievements and new challanges. The Challanges are separated by REAL Special Force groups.(Delta,Ghost,Alpha,E.T.C) Another thing that makes it Game of the Years is of course the Online Play. You can chose you own Clan Tag (Ex.{rZa}mastahchief408,Clan Tag and the Gamertag)and Emblem on the left of the Clan Tag. The Ranks follow up to lvl 70. when you unlock Prestige. When you Rank up you get new things (Primary Guns,Secondary Gun,Primary Special Wepon,Secondary Special Wepon,Killstreaks,Calisign,Achievements,E.T.C)When you unlock a Gun you also have Challanges for that Spefic gun(Ex.Get 20 Headshots w/ this weapon)The only thing they've kept that is pretty simple is the "Killstreak Bonus". Let's say that if i got 4 kills in a row w/o dying then i would get a Enemy UAV(Enemy Radar). The Highest is a 25 Killstreak causing you to have a NUKE!!! I Said it NUKE!!!! Once you have a Nuke you/your must be winning to use it.Well thats all i know to prove it, THIS GAME WILL BE GAME OF THE YEAR AT THE I SWEAR IT!!

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