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On Sapphire Shine, there is going to be a new banner. The current banner is like Windows Vista, so we need to add a new banner. It's going to be a drawing of Aurora. I've checked a message in Inbox, and kittycat0143, the Sapphire Shine site moderator, said that she's going to hold a contest on DrawingNow. Whoever gets the best drawing of Aurora, will be added to the banner. Maybe I'd thought that I'm going to be the one who will hold the contest on DrawingNow, because I already am.

Go to my contest ~Sapphirane Specials~ on my forum page, and then it'll take you there to draw the picture what if it is needed for the banner. Remember, who ever has the best Aurora drawing gets to be sended to the banner for Sapphire Shine. The deadline will be January 31, 2010. For this topic, it tells you on what picture is needed for the banner on Sapphire Shine. You have to agree with the rules, it should not be inapropiate. If you do draw inapropiate pictures for ~Sapphirane Specials~ contests, then you will be disqualified.

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