Im watching, Im watching, Im Watching, I Drool {(Revision: By Android181997) Originally By: Sonny with a Chance} So i was watching. Loads of Television Shows and then it wasnt much of anything, lots of Christmas Special Reruns, Like Hannah Montana Special Edition, Sonny With a Chance, Phineas & Ferbs, Christmas Gift, and watever those blabbedy specials editions that always comes around every time christmas season walk around the corner. I was occasionally bored enough to actually, club penguin. And whats makes it even worse, funner so if that even makes sense, is that, im not a member because my mom doesnt let me and brother do it so. ( =or rite if u think "do it") is like having something, well your just perverted and not suited for wholey blogs links, WHOLEY...whopey, so  back to the topic and by the way if you by any chance have the club penguin account, i dont have a certain server i always use, but, here i am, and my account name is deidara1997. Currently, I MEAN CURRENTLY!! (POR FAVOR not forever, im pink and have the santa hat, and i am black belt. and you have to remeber this, though today is december 29th so, if you think i was so great and went to club penguin to search for me and my awesomness, i might not be the same penguin color but my account name will surely be the same. and stuff, and im on frequently these days because my smaller cousin from america just came to visit and eslike some fab, over this clubpenguin things so i was to play this with him, because my grandparents were like, telling me that he so lonely in Amercia and blah blah blah, and all those mouthful of lies. Because im kinda of bored of playing hide-and-seek and snow-boarding down the hills every single time we play this game. I think my brother who is like smaller than my brother starts to notice that its really boring the fact we playing clubpenguin all the time now. Actually he thought it was boring before i even had the account so. And the only reason i keep playing this game is because, first of all this club penguin is the only non-violence game he has, and y you ask we came only play online because hes still in america and not coming for vacation until summer has come. and my grandparents who are chinese keep telling to play with him and such...and like oo ur the biggest and suck my B***, so i don't really feel like playing this game. Do You Think im talking to much, like a girl, not guarenteed that a girl talks like that, its just a stero type some guys keep in the back of their mind once they get married you know, its like they were locked in jail with this giant woman guiding his life. Well thats kind of how they describe it in South Park. Well, Well, Well, I know that, you guys all know that South Park is a pathetic, but may i say funny show, and its has taught me many things about life even though some of it, well i just have to say, is nasty. So....You know Cartman, if you watch South Park, well he truly is a c.i.g {Fantastic Aggrevated Gizmo) Tongue. and Kenny keeps getting killed, by some stupid idiot, and then kyle always says: " They killed Kenny. And then Stan Says: "You Bastards!!!" or is it the reverse. Then they just leave him with no feeling of gravery okay, so which is kind of weird, and he gets killed in almost every episode. But with that reputition thats wats making fun. SO LOL><. But anyways i think its funny. Path:p, watever, wate ever that means. "Can i get a WOW WOW," which i can tell you is not pretty. Okay, right, i just got a ps3. P.s.3....P.S.3 AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OMG....yes... can you believe, i know most of you rich filthy rich people already have the newest vesrsion or watever, but...

Topics: Television, Insanity
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