>_< Okay everyone, like, who ever has the p.s.3 can you please recommend me some games so i can like buy them.(okay even though this is the a long message please, read it might deal with life or death) Right now i dont really like have any cool and good games.I have Call of Duty which i hate so dont even mention any of those versions, ummm... no thanks to nba because thats just bull. and i dont really want any sports games. Yes, though, i have naruto but i already completed the whole game, storm naruto, yes and i have like the three kingdoms which is like China warfare game, and then next i have like this pathetic little small world game, which some of you toddlers out there might seem its fun, but honestly by just looking at cover its looks bull, no offense to any of you who plays it. But you know how people say dont judge a book by its cover well, this one might just be a different option. I also kind of like the stimualtions games, not to much lovey games, a little is okay, so yes. I also have something from destruction and blah blah blah, but that doesnt work. Therefore the only game that leaves me tahts fun is actually naruto storm. I was planning on to ask my mom to buy me a dragon ball z one but i dont have it yet. And then i want to ask, since im starting to really like inuyasha, so is there actually any inuyasha ps3 games, i could buy, or even better a wii game too? if soo please tell me through this comment, thanks i really need to to have some better games or else my brother would be like a total hogger and like hog the p.s.3 all the time, and then like play call of duty even if its like crap and hes like still unable to beat it and stuff like taht okay.Then i have another annoying thing im still not able to solve, how do i get some of my friends to stop kidding or teasing me about who i like or not really because i dont like them, and then all of the normal methods dont really work so like if you can give me a real extrodinary one that willl make me go wow.! Cool i want to try that, and stuff like, that anyways. o by the way come by and check out my groups, they are the Manga Out, and the South Park rulz if you like any of thsoe sections feel free to join in and talk anything you want. SO CHAW...and remeber to comment be about those games thaxnk alot.

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