Chapter 1 - It all begins with…

    I was happily sitting in my room when all of a sudden I herd a knock at my door I wasn’t so sure who could be visiting at this hour, so I jumped off my bed and slowly opened the door. My mouth fell to the floor and tears came to my eyes when I saw Haru standing in the rain all beat up. “Haru what happened to you?” he didn’t say a word he just looked at me with his dark green eyes. Just when I though things where already getting worse he finally spoke. “Riku, I’m fine don’t worry about me I just had to settle a fight…” he paused and suddenly his body was up against mine and I could fell his lips touching mine. I was shocked, I really wasn’t excepting that from him. I didn’t know what to say to Haru by this time so all I did was watch an wait for him to make his first move. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his perfected body Haru is basically your average jock. He is 6” 2’ with light brown hair and dark green eyes he even had a six pack to make up for it. I was nothing compared to him I’m only 5” 5’ and black hair and purple eyes you could take on look at me say that I was pointless but Haru didn’t think so.

    Haru looked at me and he gave me a faint smile. “Riku you mean the world to me no matter what happens Tomo will never lay a hand on you.” his smile was gone and his eyes where filed with hate. Tomo had been picking on me for as long as I can remember and Haru was the only real friend I had he always had my back and he was always their when I needed him. He gave me another kiss and my eyes filed with tears I could feel my heart beating fast I knew I was in love with Haru I always have been I just didn’t know how to tell him or what he would say. “Riku I’ve always loved you and I know that you love me too, I have been keeping all of my emotions inside I didn’t want you to see my weakness but now you know.” I hugged him tight and kept myself from crying I knew this wasn’t  a dream and I was truly happy.

    The next day when I finally woke up their was a note on the bed and it read “Riku I didn’t want to wake you so I left this note nested. I will be back later I still have some unfinished business with Tomo. don’t bother coming after me you will only get in the way and I don’t want to see you get hurt ever again. Xoxo Haru.” I froze and broke down crying thinking why dose he have to risk his life for me I’m completely worth less this isn’t fair. I finally found the strength to get out of bed and get dressed. I rushed out the door with out thinking what I was getting myself into it didn’t really matter to me though all I cared about was stopping Haru. I ran down the streets of Tokyo looking for Haru and Tomo. When I finally came to a dark ally and saw Haru standing there…

Chapter 2 - I’m Yours Forever

    Tomo was lying on the ground covered in blood and Haru standing next to him just looking down at him. I knew something bothered him so I ran over to him and look him in the eyes “Haru what where you thinking. I know you want to keep me safe but you didn’t have to kill him” I broke down crying and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “I was mad I had to do something about it I couldn’t stand seeing this guy pick on you and do absolutely nothing about it… it’s not that I wanted to kill him I just didn’t know how strong I really was until I noticed all the blood.” He stopped talking and we just stood there not saying a word to each other. I didn’t know if I should say the first word or not but everything was happing way to fast for me I couldn’t think and before I knew it Haru finally said “come one Riku lets go home.” he took my hand and we stared to walk back to the house. As we walked back I just kept thinking why couldn’t it be me Tomo didn’t deserve to die I should be the dead man. 

    When we finally got back to the house I ran to my room and broke down crying Haru followed right behind me. “Its okay” he said rubbing my back. He knew I was upset and the only thing he could do was try and calm me down. He turned me over and kisses my lips gently I was in a trance and before I knew it he was taking off my shirt so I did the same to him. I placed my hand on his chest and blushed a bit. He stared to kiss down my neck down to my stomach. Haru stared to unbutton my pants I though to my I’m not scared I was ready and I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I knew I had feeling for Haru. My heart was racing and I could feel his mouth on my throbbing dick. As he stared to speed up I moaned louder. I didn’t feel so useless anymore I knew that as long as I stay here with Haru I can be truly happy.

    I woke up in a good mood the next day and there he was laying right next to me. So I thought to myself all this is real its not a dream my fantasy came true. I kissed him on the lips and said “ Good morning Haru last night was so amazing” I hugged him from behind and he laughed and said “I’m glad you had a good time Riku but now we must get ready for school or do you want to play hooky” he gave me a devilish smile and laughed again “I’m kidding today we take our final exams so we kind of have to be there.” we got ready and left the house. As we walked he grabbed my hand and smiled at me I giggled a bit and looked down at the floor blushing. “Riku theirs no need to be nervous we love each other so the rest of the worlds should know that we are not afraid to show it.” I looked at him and said “yeah your right.” We got to school and just like every other school day all the girls wanted to be around Haru. That had always made me jealous and he knew it was upsetting me so right their in front of all the class A girls he held me close to his body and kissed me. I was happy to have Haru and he was happy to have me after that little kiss all the girls backed off. The most popular guy dating a sore loser like myself still has fan girls waiting in line for him to ask them out. It really didn’t bother me that much anymore until lunch time came a round. When I caught Yuki the most prettiest girl in the whole school making out with my Haru. I was mad I didn’t know what to do I stared to cry and that’s when Haru saw me. I ran off and he ran after me. . .

    I ran all the way to the court yard  and sat on the bench crying my eyes out. Haru finally caught up with me he was breathing hard and he sat next to me and put his arm around me. “Riku she came on to me I had no intention to kiss her she got mad when I turned her down she wanted to make you brake up with so she could steal me away from you… come on Riku you have to believe me.” I looked at Haru with tears still in my eyes I hugged him tight “I do… but make me this one promise I don’t want to leave your side ever promise me that when where out of high school you will never leave me for anyone” He look at me and gave me a smile he then said “you moron I could never do something like that no one in the world could replace you.” we made out right there in the court yard Yuki saw us and didn’t even bother to do anything about it.

    My never ending dream was my fantasy in the end. Haru and I live together and no matter what I will always love him.


Wow that was amazing
  • August 24, 2011
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