man i feel so stupid! i just got into trouble for watching a bad video on youtube becuase of wat it was singing. i tried to blow it off by think it was just another day in my kid life the will most like not make a big difference when i move out. but now i have to hear my mom nag. i don't noe why but i feel like crying. i'm such a freakin retard. i hate it. everytime i got on the computer this summer i get in troble i'm thinking of getting off the comper for good and playing playstation at least then i won't be in trouble. i hate it! i don't even noe what i hate i'm just so mad at myself right now. if i told my mom she would be so freakin happy. i hate talking to my paraents. i noe just what they'll say if i say something they don't understand anything right now. computers are just troble nothing good a bout em rite now ok that's a lie.

Topics: i'm, such, a, retard!
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