*SIGH* TODAY was a rlly bad day =_= LOL XD

FIRST I woke up and my throat hurt bangs too long on one side so cant see BLAH LOL XD

thn I wnt to school blah blah blah 4got money 4 lunch so I had 2 eat school lunch wich was lazanga fafa HOWEVER U SPELL THT And it was greezy which made me sick since I sumhow screwed my stomache up =_= So thn the rest of the day my stomache hurt and I had a headache and I just wanted 2 go home THANK GOD IM HOME and Im eating chips which my stomaches use 2 eating thm So th lil ******* wont get sick =_=

So idk IM BORED and in a MUUUUUCH better mood =D

letter writing candy man

sighed ur awesome ruler ME (LOL JK XD)

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