y duz time hav 2 go so fast

it feels like just yesterday I still had my best friend

I just found out about ulquiorra (anime guy)

or that I just found out about my chemical romance

or A.F.I

And watching The famous last words video on TV for the first time

of Miss Murder for the first time

or watching videos on youtube that hav long been deleted

or maybe watching Edward Scissor hands for th first time

or even when in my in every class we watched twilight

I know b4 long Ill be looking back at these moments just

the same. I wish I could sometimes go back in time

not to redo but relive refeel feelings I use to have about things

or walk places I did once Walk through that one store

and buy my first MCR CD buying my first AFI or three days Grace CD

or even my first Flyleaf I wish I could relive those moments just maybe one last time

I even know how great it was to hear those bands or great songs for the very first time or when some bands where still together My frisrt time on youtube my first utube vid I watched which has been deleted for maybe afew years with Gaara and numb by linkin park

and even my first time watching Naruto or Bleach or when I first saw a AMV of Vampire Knight with Disturbia

maybe in a dream even though its doubtful Time seems an enemy and a friend

but as most friends can get away fom you or you lose them

and can only look back and wish.

Topics: time
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