Haunted Memories

     For the next month, strange dreams had came to me. About the black haired girl and black werewolf most. I remember meeting a kid named Moona, Jak when we were kids, even the memory of being shot, twice. Bleeding to death, getting shot to death, spine getting ruined and fixing itself, I died 3, if not 4 times, the she werewolf had also died 3 times in my memory, if not 4. I was starting to become distant more and more with my work of turning selected humans into werewolves or killing other humans or werewolves suspected as a danger to our mission. Somethin I was never fully informed on.

     I remembered so much, but I'm still not sure if I'm Silvia. Elrich had so much hatred for Silvia, but he seems to care more about me than the rest of the pack.

     I started writing a jurnal, making sure to hide it well. I kept track of all my dreams in it, in hopes to see if I am Silvia or not.

     I told Elrich that I was feeling incredibly ill and needed to stay off work for a day. He gave me a suspicious look but granted it anyway.

     Tonight was the red moon festival. A tradition Elrich had said is family had kept through generations before his parents died. Elrich seems to be pressing more and more that he's an only child when I ask him. He also told me our looks were identical coincedently.

     I was going to ask him about my dreams, but I held my tounge. If I was Silvia, he'd surely try to hurt or torment me surverely. I trust Elrich, only as a boss, beyond that he's no more trustable than a man in a car with his pants down offering you some candy if you get in his vehichle.

     I realize it's starting to get really bad. Durring the red moon festival, I saw HER. The black haired girl who had haunted my dre-

     I stoped writing there. I could've sword I had heard scratching. I look at the entrie I made. I know I should finish it, but a sensation of eyes made me reconsider. I closed the jurnal and went to sleep.

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