Welcome to the new fanmade updates lol

Anyway I'll show you some songs (from vocaloid) I heard,

Gumi singing bad apple

Her voice is so real >.<

Kiyoteru-guilty verse

Creepy yet bone chilling *O* he sounds so real screaming, I think that's a great Kiyoteru's song,

What kind of songs do you like?


There is VY2 coming out soon, it is unisex sounds like male-ish with a combination of female (I think lol)

Gackupo and Gumi was in the new year's concert :D yay

A tv show about vocaloid is coming! (not confirmed..I think)

Hatsune Miku is coming out in english! I hope english users will handle her (no not "handle" her)

The newest vocaloid today-

Utatane piko :D

The oldest -

Leon -AO

Question of the week:

What's your fav BOY vocaloid??


-Len Kagamine-


-Kiyoteru Hiyama-

-Big Al-


-Piko Utatane-

I vote for Piko Utatane because he's awesome and I like his NND singer Piko, and he can sing like a girl and a boy (not like justin beiber lol).


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