You people r in need of the information of what Holidays i made up, when they r so u can celebrate them!

Februrary 12th is National Meta Knight and Andledee day! Celebrate by drawing romantic pictures of them! (They r in my gallery 4 instruction on Andledee)

Feb. 13th is National SonAmy day! Wear pink and blue! And perhaps draw pictures of them, or play a Sonic game.

Valentines day  is Dawnthas birthday! Celebrate by getting yourself some ice cream!

National Jet day is on March 16th. WEAR GREEN AND GO BIRD WATCHING.

My Black belt test is on April fools day! Fast the day B4 and wish me luck!

Mario Day is is May 3rd. Celebrate by playing Mario games, or just Nintendo games! U can find other ways 2!

Kirbys birthday is on June 8th! Celebrate by playing a Kirby game, and wear pink! Dont forget 2 draw a Birthday picture of him!

Socks Birthday is onJune 16th. WEAR A SOCK ON UR HEAD!

National Olympian day is on June 20th.Find some way 2 celebrate.

Storm the hedgehogs birthday is on July 13th. He told me in order 2 celebrate, shock the person next 2 u, or play SSBB.

National Seafood day is on July 20th. GO 2 RED LOBSTER!!!!

National Pokemon day is on August tenth. CELEBRATE WITH ANYTHING POKEMON!

National Keronian day is August 15th. Watch Keroro or draw it!

Pikas B-day is on September 18th. Celebrate by pretending 2 B a NINJA!!!

Darkrai and Spacatores Birthdays r on October 13th. Celebrate by either pulling a prank or drawing them!

Meta Knights Birthday is on Oct. 15th. CELEBRATE WITH ANYTHING META KNIGHT!!!!

Jade the assassins birthday is on Nov. 8th. Find a way 2 celebrate.

Master Lucarios birthday is on Dec. 13th. Celebrate by drawing a Lucario, meditate, and praying.

Links birthday is Christmas eve. Celebrate with a Legend of Zelda game!

CHRISTMAS!!! Its the birth of our savior, Christ Jesus! Remind urself that its not about getting presents, its about Jesus's birthday. Oh, and its also Firegill and Keiths birthday! Celebrate by doing good deeds and praying to the Lord, our God.

Dont forget 2 tell everyone else, to celebrate them, and record them in ur calendar!



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