OMG!~really, u just did gonna have to hit him now..~

so...hi. there are three things in this blog u are going to need to know before u read this blog to understand it...

1.) i talk to myself alot...who cares

2.) the dress is for a quincinyeta im goin to on march 5th. :D

3.) im random. so lets get started shall we... trying to get my life in a straight line...its been wacked out for months now and i want to make a straight line even if someone has to die!! serious. lol. my start the line im goin to try and look really cute/sexy/hot for this party im goin to..but I DONT KNOW WHAT DRESS TO GET FOR A QUINCINYETA!!!! HELP!!! and by also tryin to say "ill kill u" a little less to ppl...isnt working so far..Smile dont civilians have been hurt yet...invesis on the YET.


so....i also like this guy...but he keeps ignoring me!!! and then denys ignoring me...then goes back to ignoring me 2hrs later..sux. ikr. so im raising the white c.ig until he asks me out.

*hint hint* if you know who he is, help me!!!

well....this is my first blog on this website...luke and dwayne said they want to make one...i say HECK NO to that...they r REALLY perverted... true indintety is a lobster.!!BYE!

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