Chapter 1


I, the girl with the frying pan. It was my day at highschool. My first year at high school, Austria, my boyfriend was there waving his hands. I waved back with a weak smile. He always supported me. I sat at class 7-B, it was the same class as Austria. I took out my brand new pastic purple folders and dropped the folders down at the bin. There was Prussia who stared at me snickering. He was that annoying little troll who had been taunting me all my life. I had a crush on Austria ever since I was in Kindergarten, I always shared my cookies with him while Prussia stole them. He was a real pain.

Prussia stared down my pants. "Nice pink undies." Snickered Prussia. I flustered and blushed beet red. "Why are you looking at my pants?!" I hissed grabbing my pan. I smacked his back and chuckled. "Wow!" I said laughing. He had a toothy smile and rolled his heavy eyes. "PAH!" He said.

As the day went on I went to the girl's dorm at free time. There was an un-known girl, a new girl. She mumbled some chanting words. As soon as I saw her I had chills. "Russia, must marry. Russia, must marry." As she kept on repeating. "Belarus!" Cried her sister. I hadn't know  her name but she was friendly and big....I mean HUGE, her breasts were large and the boys kept on staring at her breats.

"Russia is at the roof top! I think he's sad! Poor Russia!" The girl said weeping. The other girl slammed her locker and stamped her feet on the floor. "I'll get him." She said hissing.

I went to my locker and saw Taiwan. "Hey Hungary." She greeted. "Hi Taiwan." I said. "Japan sure is cute..." Taiwan dreamed. " there any news about your honey boyfriend?" Taiwan asked battering her eyelashes. I laughed. "I asked him on another date, he denied and said he had practice." I said in a low tone. "He's always like that." 

"You need a new boyfriend! Someone who's fun and playful!" Hinted Taiwan. "No! Never! He's special and caring!" I said bragging. Taiwan shrugged her broad shoulders and walked away. "If someone you love the most you have to let it go~!" She said with a flicker of a wave. I thought of Taiwan's tip and advice. Someone you love you have to let it go? Nah...he's a supporting boyfriend ... right?

I walked with a sigh. "Something the prob Hungary?" Asked Prussia as he sneaked up on me. We were walking back to our house, I shook my head. "Nothing. It's just...Austria. He nevers spends time with me anymore." I said holding back my tears. Prussia didn't know what to do.

"You have money right? Well maybe I can spend time with you, bu-but not as a date! Like an activity! Yeah! A field trip!" Prussia said with a grin. I blushed. "Not as a date, OK?" I said with a snicker. We both laughed down the lane. Maybe he's not such a punk after all. MAYBE.

We had an "Activity" plan (not as a date ok?) and we went to the carnival. It's going to be fun!

I smiled at the thought of spending time with Prussia, NO. NO. My boyfriend is Austria, NOT Prussia, he's such an immature boy!

Prussia's POV:

Why did I ask that? Well she was sad, I still can't believe that she's a girl. After all this time I had treated her as a boy. Now I have ... butterflies over her. Must be the cassorle! HAHAHA!

Chapter 2


Austria's POV

I sure missed Hungary. But since I was going to hold a big piano event down at the carnival it was going to be a great night. Hungary was bugging me asking her on dates, I was too busy sadly. I wish I can spend more time with her but everything I need to focus was on getting a career on pianoes.

Prussia's POV

What should I wear for the activity? A tie? Nah too formal, maybe the casual look like taking it as a chill. Well I have to be me. Why am I even caring bout this?! I don't care how I look nor spending time with that she he. PAH! I grabbed my spring green jacket and headed out for the plan. I had a grey shirt underneath which had read "I'm Awesome!" and long boot cut grey jeans with red sneakers.

It was the time, just one more hour till I had to pick her up as an AWESOME gentleman. I had to walk to her house which was torchurious.

Hungary POV

It's been 45 minutes and he is still late! What kind of country is he?! That bast@^d , I hope he didn't lie. If he did lie then I can wring his tiny little neck and strangle every vien alive. I hate him so much. I teared up a bit. I was all dressed for Prussia but he just lied in front of my face!

Tears fell over my scarlet dress with navy blue stockings, I had to calm down. My hair was tied up on a ponytail and earing covered them. I had red lipsticks on with ruby high heels.

A rang had came through my ears. Maybe it was Prussia!

I opened the door with a wide grin. It was a pizz delivery man. "Are you Ms.Belguim here?" The teenage boy had stubbles and his thin arms tried to lift the heavy pizza box. "Wrong number." The door slammed right in front of his face. I knew for sure Prussia lied. To think I had trusted him. To think he was a good guy after all.

Prussia's POV

My legs are friggen TIRED! Just one more block. Oh crap! The time had read 6:03! I'm friggen late man! I ran up the block with my torn out sneakers and made a run for it. The clouds were storming over my head telling me to hurry up. My mind was filled with stress and I ran with my long legs. Damn! I swear that my foot was going to snap. If I do this all for Hungary then call me insane!

Hungary POV

The doorbell had rang again. I bet it was that pizz guy again. I opened the door and screamed. "WRONG NUMBER!" My eyes were lit and I hissed right in front of his face before looking. It was Prussia. He had an innocent expression and stared out of the blue. "Huh?" He replied. I grabbed my frying pan and did a little smirk. "Shut up! You were late! How could you!"

"Wha? Your house is MILES away! I ran with my two bare feet and climbed up and down to find your house!

"C'mon we're already late." I replied.

As soon as I went to the carnival I saw colorful lights hanging over the roof, strings of beads over the place and rides with a fest. I smiled with a snicker. "I bet I can beat you at shooting down those aliens!" Prussia spat. "Oh but you have to pay!" I reminded him.

We ran to the stand and saw the dished of points. They were lined up with random numbers shooting out of the place. If you can hit the highest number, you win. Prussia and I were suppose to do it for the competition. He smiled as he aimed. I aimed. We shot. We lost. We tried again. I won. HA! He's not so awesome now isn't he?

My mind was conjouring of Austria. Oh right, I wasn't interested of that so called white hair vampire. I flipped my hair and smiled. Prussia was a great friend but he'll never replace my boyfriend. We spent time stacking up points, riding on the roller coasters, and playing with the merry go round. It was a fun night, and we didn't even end it all!

Chapter 3


Prussia POV

My eyes shifted to a poster with a familiar face, OH SNAP! I didn't know Austria was with me! He was going to preform at the carnival. I have to let Hungary leave, soon! The stage had started in halve an hour. She already got reserved seats just for two. What Hungary didn't know was that...that....she didn't even know who she was going to see!

" I like myserties. It can be anyone from age 2 from age 120. I don't care, I just want to get interested in pianoes like Austria!" She stated.

If Austria knows that I hang out with Hungary...he's gonna kill me! Kill me! He's Hungary's boyfriend of course.

Hungary's POV

Prussia had his face sweating, thick lumps of sweat dropped down his face. He nervously chuckled. "Hey Hungary." Prussia's arms were jumping as a fly. "Um...about the piano concert, well I hate pianoes and wanted to leave early with you." My eyes glared from attack. "Never! Watch it with me and you'll change yoru mind!" My hands cupped and screamed.


I let a playful giggle and smacked his back. But from the look on his eyes, he kept a secret from me. His fingers twiddled and his heavy eyeballs kept moving from a distance.  "Uh-um-well I was thinking..."

Is he going to confess? In a time like this? I blushed trying to force him to let it out. "I wanna eat pizza insted...I'm hungry!" He shouted. My fists clenched and pounded him. "Later Doofus!" I spat.

Spring green towels wrapped the stage with flowing red lanterns. It had looked elegent and bright. The stage was quiet and humble. "I wanna leave!" Complained Prussia. I smiled. "Never!"

The lights started and the curtains rolled. The flashy yellow lights pounced on Austria's face. He bowed with a gesture and began playing. My face lit up then dead down. Austria?! Oh no! Oh NO!

While he was too busy playing I hid my face in Prussia's lap. He covered his face with his sweaty palms. Austria rolled his eyes to the audience, pulling off a smile. He then saw the two of us. Eyebrows were pushed and he still began playing.

I should of swore that Austria had stared at me...with Prussia. I'm dead. Prussia leaned towards my face, trying to hide too. I blushed and blushed even more. My face turned in a tomato (like the ones from Spain). My body couldn't handle the stress.

Austria left as soon as he finshed, his face was stern.

Chapter 4


My world had ended. It was the end of my life as soon as Austria saw me hiding in to Prussia's laps. As he hid in mine. I was so pissed off about Prussia, we should never do the activity! Shoot! I love Austria but he'll get the wrong idea! I walked out with a glum face. My chin to the floor and my eyes darting at the base. Prussia had a worried face and blushed. He then hooked his arm around my neck. "It'll be OK Hung." Prussia grinned. My eyes lit up as I saw his arm...wringing my neck. I blushed further more. It was warm and soft, lighting up my cold heart. I had a tiny smile.

The winds were blowing as we sat down for cotton candy. Prussia rolled his eyes as he gave me his jacket. "Here." He mumbled with a hiss. "Go have it, you'll freeze." My hands slowly grabbed the jacket and felt the leather underneath. It was cozy and hot inside, it had felt like a heater. My mouth was empty as I hadn't said anything. I don't need to talk. A hot pink cotton candy shapped as a large fluff cloud was under my nose. Prussia was grinning. " So the little Hungary finally shuts up? Wow!" Prussia snickered at a failed atempt to make me burst out laughing.

I didn't feel as laughing. I felt cold and confused. I have no desire to eat, no desire to spend time with Prussia, no desire for happiness. Prussia grabbed his fork, twisting it to the bright blue cloud. He then sniffed it and licked it with his long tongue. Prussia then gave it to me. "Hungry?" I shook my head. "Aw c'mon! Please? This one isn't licked!" I rolled my eyes, took a nibble out of the cotton. Prussia held the cotton candy and bit the other halve. " You had shutten up ever since Austria saw us...." Prussia trailed off.

Our eyes met, I stared at him with lit eyes, he stared at me with his spark of eyes. I looked away, with a blush. " Turning red?" He chuckled. "RED AT SIGHT!" Prussia smiled, an eased expression. My mind went blank as I had gotten my frying pan.


Stains had dripped down his outfit. Prussia locked eye to eye. "Hnng! You did it!" His damaged nose was dripping blood. My face was shocked, my hands covering my mouth. I grabbed a long paper towel and took the towel. My hands wrapped around his nose. "I'm sorry." I cried. "I'm sorry for treating you as cruel as I can be. I'm sorry for abusing you, I'm sorry that..." I stood up as I leaned closer to Prussia. I was across from him as my eyes had a river of tears.

My eyes were swollen and red from crying as Prussia sat there, shocked. He leaned closer to my face blushing.


And closer.

Our lips locked as it was as soft as a butterfly. It wrapped among out lips and closing my eyes I kissed him back. It had felt warm, cozy and soft among all of the people she had kissed. His kiss was almost more (awesome) warmer then Austria. Every time Austria and I kissed I had a sting or col regret. But Prussia felt warm, and...nice.




I leaned further away and crossed my eyes. "I-I-....I have a boyfriend!" My tears spilled out. Raining tears I backed away. "Thanks for taking me, bye." I mumbled not looking back. I ran back to my house. Dark clouds had appeared, tearing my combed hair apart. My legs had bled and broke. I didn't care.

notes: UGHH sorry if it's too sappy and cheesy =___=" but umm I will add more action if ya I decided to betray this book. AND STUFF. But I guess not lol, I was aiming for Hungary and Prussia but yah watevers. If you want Hungary and Austria back then please tell me that. I like both PFFT.

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